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  1. Have we revealed our Jerseys yet?

  2. Hard to not be sour at this outcome. Yet again Canuck luck prevails... The thing that makes me feel a little better being not a great draft year. Hoping for a better outcome at the end of next season.
  3. Happy to see Burr doing so well in Ottawa :)

  4. Just ran the simulator loads of times and the most common spot for us was 4 or 5 =/
  5. What channel and what time is the lottery on?
  6. Sounds like a confident coach. Looking forward to next season
  7. Probably wouldn't have this problem if Willie was tossed after that big losing streak mid season..
  8. Hoping for Green for the time being, when we have established lines and a good system then we can look at a vet coach if need be. With that said would be fine with Crow aswell, but I dont wan't another teams trash so to speak with the other options from firings.
  9. Travis Green going forward.. once we fill the holes in another year or two, we can look at other options if need be ( Coaches with playoff experience ).
  10. Alright now 2 or 3 from the coilers and then bo with one to regain the title and thats it