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  1. Refs trying to take crashing the net out of hockey now? BS call, bush league. Clearly not an intentional play, just a result of a hard net front presence between the defender and sutter.
  2. WD plays the twins who have had a very invisible game
  3. Please WD don't screw up the shootout lineup again
  4. This one's on edler and WD for playing him.. useless out there tonight
  5. STOP giving the puck to edler
  6. Why the eff is he out there on the pp in the final minute.
  7. Come on edler do something good ffs for once Can never hold the line
  8. You, I like your thinking
  9. I don't know what some of you guys see in edler. Imo we need to move him at the deadline..
  10. Baer burr bo! that line looks fast and certainly has some finish/clutchyness