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  1. This exactly, but that's the whole argument of having Quinn on pp1, if it's anything like 3 on 3 hes all over the ice and makes defenders move and opens up seams all over. If they are worried about defensive liability then throw another defensemen on pp1 to hold the line elder or Myers would be ideal for the heavy shots. It's so frustrating, now that we have the peices for the PP and they still havent figured it out.
  2. Good come back win, haven't posted in a long time. But dear God please get rid of Newell Brown, that was some atrocious PP. The guy has been drawing up the same plays since the sedins success made his resume. Literally Willie D could draw up a better PP. Please dear God benning do something. That is all /rant
  3. Have we revealed our Jerseys yet?

  4. Happy to see Burr doing so well in Ottawa :)

  5. Burrows the agitator makes the front page of reddit. link

    1. TheJoker
    2. Xbox


      Lehner has some serious issues. He's such a spaz. 

    3. TheJoker


      Yep, but I'm not complaining. Gave us a goal after all.