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  1. OP's favorite trade was the Gud trade, but the least favorite with the Kesler? You realize that the Gudbranson trade wouldn't have happened if we didn't acquire the pick we used on McCann in the Kesler trade right? Your favorite trade was a building block off your least favorite trade... Funny how that works As of now, that trades not looking too bad. With Kesler (and picks) we were able to get Gudbranson, Sutter, and Sbisa. The Vey trade pretty much ended up being Garrison for Vey, which is a good risk, and ended up being a good cap dump so we could sign a player like Eriksson or Miller. My favorite trade: the 2nd round pick for Baertschi. The B&B Combo are the most exciting to watch for sure. the least favorite: the Shinkaruk trade. I jumped out of my seat when we selected Shinkaruk, and I still think he's going to be a top 6 forward one day. Never a fan of Granlund and I can see us letting him go in a few short years.
  2. Don't put massive expectations or you will just be disappointed. Yes Gud can hit, but he averaged just over 2 hits per game, and around 1 block per game. I really like that's a big man, that is defensive, and hopefully we can begin to develop some offense out of him too, but for the most part, he's a consistent Defensive Defenseman that plays a poised and composed game. I still think he has untapped potential, but only time will tell if he is able to find any of that in a Canucks uniform.
  3. At the end of the day the Aqua family is to selfish to want a rebuild. Canucks making the playoffs earns them a ton more money. They'd rather throw 6M at a free agent, then not do so and lose out on ticket sales and the money that can be earned in the playoffs.
  4. Great read
  5. Not bad at all, good signing for Minny
  6. RNH or Eberle would've made sense for the Oiler trade. You don't trade away Hall, you just don't, he has been the one bright spot of Edmonton in the past few years, and with him on one line and McDavid on another, that team was rolling. Even if they get Lucic, it's not a good move. If the Nashville/Montreal trade happened 2 years ago, I would say Montreal wins it, but unfortunately, Weber is losing it a bit, and now Nashville maintains a strong defensive core for a very long time. Can't wait to see what Hall can do in a Devil's jersey, now I can actually cheer for him.
  7. Nashville saving 8M on a Shea Weber signing bonus as well. American markets know what's up
  8. Just shows the value of Juolevi vs Tkachuk. Top 6 forwards can be traded for pretty easily, it's the top 2 defender that drives a hard bargain. 5 years Juolevi will be more valuable then Dubois, Tkachuk, and Pulj, quote me on it.
  9. I actually think Tate Olson could crack the lineup in 2 years
  10. Mason Raymond 2.0?
  11. Do you think we should've kept the former? Imagine our team now, we would be aging with no hopes for a future (and 2 starting goalies). Rebuilding is a risky business, who knows how our young guys (Markstrom, Horvat, McCann) will turn out. They could easily develop into a schneider or a Kesler
  12. AV sucks, got 2 president's trophies with the Nucks, got the cup finals with the Nucks and Rangers. What a dud!
  13. Don't forget what Kesler accomplished apart from his rookie campaign, 41 goals in 2010-11, 75 points in 2009-19 (both on the 2nd line with bad wingers). Remember when he absolutely dominated the Nashville Predators in the playoffs? Or Scored that game-tying goal late in game 5 against San Jose to put us into the cup finals? Remember when he did this with a bummed shoulder? Ryan Kesler was arguably the most popular Canuck when he was here, we forget how much fans loved him because he asked for a trade. We need to remember, all this guy ever wants to do is win, and with his age, he realized he could never get a cup with the Canucks (as he believed they were heading into a rebuild). So what did the guy do? Go to a place to win. Everyone hates Kesler right now, because we all loved the guy and he left the team. This guy was the whole package, great hockey player, trophy winner, entertaining both on the ice and off (photobombs), and a supermodel. Give him some credit. We all are praying the Horvat can have the career Kesler had.
  14. It takes a man to admit when he made a mistake. I am that man.