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  1. Why is it classless? He signed a contract with a NTC. The GM found him to be a respected and pivotal player that, if he was to be traded, he would be in charge of where he was to go. You can't blame him for taking advantage of terms that was agreed on between him and management. He was 30 and had a family, it's terrible to think that he shouldn't have a say in where he wanted to raise his kids. Give your head a shake.
  2. This is such a stupid comment. Point-per-game doesn't matter when you have the best 2-way player in the game. He was nominated several times for the Selke, which (in my opinion) really nominates the best all around hockey player in the league. He got it done on the defensive end for us AND still scored 41 goals. Without Kes, we don't win the President's trophy and we don't make the cup finals. Don't let him leaving cloud your judgment. This guy was a legend and one of the best to ever wear a Canuck jersey.
  3. I'm not against the idea of technology in the sport. I'm saying to eliminate it from being used by coach's while the game is going on. Things like using an Ipad to check offsides, or to allowing a goalie to watch a shooter's old shootout videos seconds before you face him. If a coach has a challenge, absolutely technology can be used to verify. I just don't believe in the coach being able to watch the play frame-by-frame on a screen and then deciding to challenge. If you're going to challenge a referee, who's calling the game based on what they see, then you should have to challenge based on what you see. Simple.
  4. I feel as technology is getting to become more dominant in our society, it's starting to hinder the excitement of sport. We've experienced it throughout the season, and again in the Avs game 7 game. Where momentum has shifted and the game is exciting, only to have the call withdrawn because of mere millimetres (or inconclusive evidence). As you watch the coach's bench, you can see the coach quickly review the play on an Ipad to see if there is a call that they can try to overturn. A call that can't be determined by the naked eye, can be slowed down and paused by technology, and used to change the game completely. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposing the idea of a coach's challenge, but I think coach's challenge was put in play for more blatant offsides. I am saying that technology should not be allowed to be used by the coach's and players during a game. If they feel that there was a play that was offside, it is because they saw it with their own eyes, they didn't watch it through a screen. I believe this also gives some of the power back to the referees, bring back the game's rawness, and it should lead to less stoppage within the game. What do you think?
  5. Sharks don't deserve to be where they are at all. If they win the Cup, it'll be the least deserving win in NHL history
  6. The Oiler's consistently lack urgency in their decision making. They take too long to make trades that'll help their future because of their loyalty to their playesr. The took too long to sign a GM and got Holland And they wait until the 2nd round is nearly over to start a coach hunt? I feel like Quenneville or Vigneault could've really helped them, but now they're going to get left a with a GM that literally no one else wants as I believe they're now the last team in search for a coach. I'll tell you what. Getting the GM and Coach that no other team viewed as relevant is not going to bring them the success they want.
  7. Crazy how he's all Edmonton could get. I can't really think of any good moves Holland made recently in Detroit. I feel like the game changed, but Holland still has the same style
  8. Why do people keep offering Demko? Markstrom had the same stats as he did the previous year. His GAA was actually worse. He's also 29 years old. Keep Demko.
  9. I had them all in my Keeper League once... woooops
  10. Simple question. This year we saw 14 players hit over 90 points (remember Benn won the Art Ross with 87 points a few years ago)... McDavid is the choice a lot will make, but there are others who make a strong case for the title.
  11. I thought this was a Poem, but nothing rhymed
  12. Tampa is losing 4 or 5 D-men this year I believe, they'll need Foote. Although, it would be Really nice to have him