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  1. We can all agree, the timing of Markstrom's contract expiring is less than ideal. It almost feels as though: if we sign Markstrom, we lose Demko. If we don't sign Markstrom, we lose a player that could provide us haul of a return, for nothing. One solution would be to sign Markstrom to a 1 year contract, but that's highly unrealistic. Players obviously want term so they can be secure for a handful of years. So that option is out. The other option would be still a slim chance (but more likely than a 1 year contract): sign Markstrom to a contract without a NTC or NMC. In doing so, we could keep Markstrom for another year, and give Demko one more year of preparation before he ultimately takes over the starting position in the 21-22 season. We also are then given the opportunity to trade Markstrom by the trade deadline or next Summer while also receiving assets back. What do you think? Is this even remotely plausible? Or does Markstrom laugh when offered anything but a contract that gives him security?
  2. The ONLY way I'd say Markstrom gets re-signed is if he doesn't receive a NTC (or only gets one for 1 year). Then we can get value by trading him (or exposing him) for the expansion draft. This would give 1 more year for Demko to get more games before being a starter at 25. If Marky wants a NTC, then we trade his rights for a 3rd.
  3. Crazy to think that a few injuries to the Jets best players could land them 1st OA. Florida and Nashville are the only ones I'd want to see win this honestly... crazy the teams in the running
  4. It would because you could skate around all those guys
  5. This guy is the gift that keeps on giving. Too early to tell for Toffoli, but with the Pearson, Miller, Toffoli pickups, Benning is becoming a much better GM, and improving on his trading weakness.
  6. I like the idea of this, especially because Simmonds is a rental. We likely would have to add a pick, or a B-prospect as well