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  1. Top Sven Baercheese

    Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    I kind've want to see him play one game next to Boeser and Pettersson. See what happens...
  2. Top Sven Baercheese

    [Discussion] Panarin

    Panarin announced yesterday that he will be going to view is options during free agency this summer. Apparently, the Blue Jackets are at the top of his list, but everyone knows that doesn't mean anything. Panarin has 20 goals and 60 points in 51 games this season. Do you believe the Canucks have a shot at Panarin this year? We have a young up-and-coming group which could potentially make the playoffs this year. Is there a lure with Boeser, Pettersson, and Hughes for players to decide on Vancouver for their destination? Panarin would slot nicely into the top left-wing spot, and compliment a player like Horvat or Pettersson nicely. How would you feel about paying him around 10M a season to slot him into our lineup?
  3. Top Sven Baercheese

    [Proposal] Fabbro

    Give them Gadjovich/Lind + Goldobin
  4. Top Sven Baercheese

    [Signing] Maple Leafs re-sign Auston Matthews

    Was expecting over 12. Not a bad signing by the Leafs. That's 22.5M for 2 centers... 30M for 3 players with Nylander... Yikes... For us, 30M covers: Horvat Pettersson Edler Tanev Boeser Stecher Baertschi Hutton Virtanen....
  5. Top Sven Baercheese

    [Proposal] Markstrom at the Draft

    I love Clark. The guy is our unsung hero
  6. Top Sven Baercheese

    Kesler And Ducks..

    lol I still love him, and I know you secretly do too
  7. Top Sven Baercheese

    [Proposal] Another Goldy proposal

    Decent proposal. I'd do it.
  8. Top Sven Baercheese

    [Waivers] Chad Johnson (Ducks claim Johnson)

    Trade them Nilsson
  9. Top Sven Baercheese

    Josh Leivo | #17 | LW

    Don't compare the greatest player in Canucks recent history, to a guy with 1 goal
  10. Top Sven Baercheese

    Michael Del Zotto | #4 | D

    Single handedly made us lose this game. Congrats.
  11. Top Sven Baercheese

    Is There A Player Pettersson Can Be Compared To?

    The physical body of Kyle Wellwood with the scoring prowess of Ryan Kesler and the personality of a young Patrick Hornqvist
  12. Top Sven Baercheese

    Does the Sam Gagner demotion make the Canucks look bad?

    Wait... Tavares isn't a fan of having someone having an outcome they didn't expect occur? Did he not leave the Islanders high and dry? Find someone who shows loyalty to quote.
  13. Top Sven Baercheese

    Bo Horvat | #53 | C

    Kes. The unsung hero!
  14. Top Sven Baercheese

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    I feel like this thread has been on the nickname thing for weeks now.