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  1. Marchand not getting any discipline. I don't understand how the league let's him continue to do this stuff. Makes want to stop watching hockey altogether.
  2. Call me crazy but I'd take Dal Colle and Strome. Virtanen + Hansen for Dal Colle and Strome. High risk, high reward.
  3. With the Sedin's dwindling, I think he would be great. He could be our #1C in a couple years, with Bo as #2. Gives a great 1-2 punch. As for now, he could play wing, or Bo could be 3rd line C, giving us 3 threatening lines.
  4. Virtanen has not done much in the AHL point wise, but I hear he's workin on the 200 foot game. It's a rough offensive group down there, so his productioin is not going to be great. As for Subban, Green himself said it best, "The offensive side has always been a natural for him, when you see the points you think the's ready for the NHL, but with young and undersized defencemen, it takes a little time" Subban is like a lesser man's Ryan Ellis
  5. We better keep Baerschi. I'd rather lose any of those guys then him. I'd rather trade Hansen at the TDL then lose him for nothing too.
  6. Eakin's job is to also forecheck to get that puck, which he does. If you're Eakin's your job is to get that puck ESPECIALLY because the Stars were on a penalty kill at the time. If Lundy makes the simple pass to Skjei, rather then trying to trick Eakin's, Eakin's could go by Lundy to check Skjei. Instead, Lundy tries to switch directions, and it bites him in the butt. Yes, Eakin's was in a position to avoid the goaltender, but then the goaltender shows that he's going to be passing the puck the direction of the oncoming forechecker, as soon as Eakin's sees that puck on his stick, he has to go for it, because if it gets by him as he's skating in the opposite direction, it's a quick 5-on-3 advantage. You see Eakin's go for the puck, and attempt to avoid by going into the boards, but also bracing for the impact. Lundqvist is at fault entirely for this play, but it'll likely be Eakin's that gets heavily penalized for doing his job.
  7. Again, the risk you take of being a goalie that goes to play a puck. I see it that if you leave your crease, you should be treated as any other player.
  8. When a goalie leaves their crease they should be treated as a player. When you're holding the puck and not playing it, you're abusing the privilege you get as a goalie and deserve to get hit like everyone else.
  9. Wait what? You don't think Eriksson is worth the 6M contract? Does anyone else feel this way?
  10. Walking dead is currently the best show on TV. The last couple season's have been killer. They went downhill with the cannibalism, but got back on track
  11. Nailed it on this one. We've been watching the same style Canucks for 16 years. Not a bash to the Sedin's, they're incredible hockey players, but they aren't exciting to watch. Fans love fast-paced hockey, with quick players. The Sedin's aren't that, they like passing it around till there is an opening, which had it's thrill for awhile, but that thrill is gone. Kesler was such a massive hit, because he did it all, he was fast, he could dangle, and he could throw big hits. That's what fans loved to see. Sedin's don't do any of that. Bo's been a bright spot, and we love him for the same reason's we loved Kes.
  12. Get Luke Schenn for a 7th, trade Schenn for JVR
  13. Jesse Boulerice got 25 games