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  1. Wow, I thought this was going to be a post about how Lebron passed him... wild
  2. Already ranked as the #2 player to come out of the 2018 draft, with only Dahlin in front of him. A home run.
  3. Who else saw that horrendous Eriksson pass? Our 6M dollar man!
  4. Agree 100%. While he was here, he was the majority of fan's favorite player. The reason we loved him is also the same reason why we hated him when he left. He wanted to win.
  5. I love the love for Goldy. Can't wait to see how much we hate him in 1 week!
  6. Caps announcer said Hughes was out there for the entire 5 minutes of OT. Is that true!?
  7. Caps announcer said that Hughes was on the ice for the entire OT. Is this true!?
  8. Had an interesting discussion with some friends the other day, regarding tablets and other video technology being used during the game by the coaching staff. You only need to watch a few hockey games to realize that the games can often been dragged out due to Coach's challenges (which the league have done a good job addressing). But I think the solution lands on one thing: banning the use of tables and instant-replay technology by the coaches during the game. Coach's challenges were incorporated into the game because of obvious calls (much like the Duchene video below), NOT for calls that require zoomed-in video technology where a player may have been offside by fractions of an inch (which is too close for the human eye to see and does not change the fairness of a game). I find that the use of video-technology and having a guy hired to watch replays of every goal to observe if there is part which could be reversed ruins the intelligence of the sport. If a coach can witness a blatant missed-call and challenge it, that's fine, but if it requires 5-minutes of video replay to see if a skate blade was in the air over the blue line to give an offside, that's not so fine. I've also experienced this with the Shoot-out. Often, cameras will pan to a goalie watching replays of the next shooter to get a read on them. Ban the i-pad and force the goalies to do their research beforehand. I'm wondering what others think. Is the use of video replay technology by the coaching staff something that should be banned in the NHL?
  9. They should trade one of their top 3, but they won't. They rake in too much money for the franchise. They'll keep sitting and raking in money because they're entertaining. But they won't win anything.
  10. KesLORD. Don't disrespect the guy and not put him on the list!
  11. They're "tired" after playing 20 minutes two days in a row. Try working 8 hours shifts