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  1. Emergence of Nilsson

    He's streaky. He had some good stretches last year too
  2. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    His wrist shot is so fast that I never see it go in...
  3. Report: Sam Gagner Didn't see his cut coming

    The only one in the world who didn't see it coming
  4. Boeser playing scared?

    Obviously it's only the 2nd game, but even watching in Preseason, it seems that something is slightly off with Boeser. This article focuses on many things, but one of the things is a comparative between Boeser and Hamhuis, and that Boeser is likely playing scared after is traumatizing injury last season: It does seem like he isn't getting his hands dirty as much as last year. Even the final 2 goals for the Flames were because Boeser lost a puck battle. Do you think he's playing scared? If so, how long do you think it'll last? edit: for the record I don't think he's playing scared, I think teams are just focused in on him more, especially with the Sedin's gone. They're limiting his shots drastically. But eyes on Brock leads to the eyes being of Pettersson.
  5. [Proposal] Acquiring Nylander

    Tanev Lind 3rd for Nylander Zaitsev
  6. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    Take the leash off this guy. 2 points in 7:53.
  7. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    I've hit 'replay' 10 times and countin...
  8. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Boes, YOU GOTTA SHOOT! You got a top 10 lethal shot in the league, USE IT
  9. Sam Gagner | C/W

    I like this more than any other move Benning has made. Including drafts.
  10. Canucks Fantasy Names

    Hey all, Can anyone think of any Hockey Fantasy names based on Canucks players? Ex. Bo's Hoes
  11. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Pettersson decided to be selfish and take over the game near the end today, and we look soooo much better.
  12. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Was at the game tonight and was impressed by Virtanen, he did well defensively and was trying to create an offensive spark. His linemates did absolutely nothing to help him out.
  13. [GDT/PGT] Yotes @ Nucks 7:00pm from Kelowna - Watch on SNet

    What arena is that they're practicing in?
  14. Enough with the trade Virtanen talk!

    Wait... Since wen are people not happy with Jake's development???