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  1. With a name like DiPietro, you can't go wrong!
  2. Kelowna mainly produces D-men, but has produced some incredible forwards too (Benn). Looked to be rated as a late 1st rounder. Solid pick. Our RW prospects are looking good.
  3. Richard Park. Come on man.
  4. Ruining reputation and a putting a bitter taste in guys who have been here their whole career to save a guy like Sbisa? Sounds wise.
  5. It's possible he returns, with what's happening in the KHL and other big guys making the leap, I could see him following suit. He says the KHL is just as good, but I think he'll be in for a surprise this year and he could become disappointed by it. To say his shot is comparable to Chara's is insane, Chara had the hardest shot in the NHL for a long time. You're trying to stretch it too much. He's was good, but not an all-star.
  6. I don't get everyone's love for the Oilers rebuild. They were brutal for so long and got a generational talent. That's not a rebuild. That's wasting 3 first overall picks, and then finally landing one that worked. You saw how good of a team they really are when McDavid went down last year. Canucks are 2 years into the rebuild, if we wanna rebuild like the Oilers, then we're still 10 years away from making the playoffs, which I don't think we are. The Oiler's curse was that they went BPA with their first overall picks and it killed them on the defense and in net. Both our defense and our goaltending situation is looking okay. Sure, we may not have a generational talent, but right now all of the hole's in our system are getting filled, where we just need a piece or 2, and then we need the guys to gel together. Potential 1st line sniper - Boeser Potential top 6 wingers - Virtanen, Dahlen, Goldobin, Baertschi Potential top 6 Centerman - Horvat, (perhaps draft prospect from this draft) Potential top Defenseman - Juolevi Potential top Goalie - Demko We need another defender and either a 1 or 2 C (depending how Bo continues to grow). Remember how the Oilers had so many talented forward, mediocre defensemen, terribly goaltending, and they didn't use any of their forward assets to improve their D (it took them 11 years to finally do it). The last thing I want to do is be like the Oilers rebuild, and I think we're doing it right.
  7. RNH for Tanev
  8. I like it actually. We would probably have to add a 3rd round pick, but not bad at all.
  9. I remember being at a U2 concert in Edmonton when the Canucks were going for the cup in 2011. Bono announced that the Canucks won against the team they were playing (either sharks or Boston) and everyone in the arena cheered. Why can't Vancouver do the same when other Canadian teams are successful?
  10. I'd take Yak. Low risk, high reward scenario. Didn't he say when he was about to be drafted that he wanted to go to Vancouver? Wow the 2012 draft was really underwhelming. Yakupov is 4th in points for players selected in 2012. Only 2 players from that draft have more points then McDavid (Galchenyuk and Forsberg) and Galchenyuk's played 200 more games.
  11. Kes is still my favorite player of all time
  12. I want Glass or Mittelstadt. Don't like hearing that there's a knock on speed. Yes Bo got faster, but hundreds of other prospects failed at improving, leading to them never reaching the NHL. Plus it would be nice to see more speed on our team after watching the Sedin's for so long.
  13. As long as we have the Sedin's, we're gonna have the same identity.
  14. Your point predictions are a little out there.