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  1. yep cody is surely to keep putting up the points facing teams' top checking lines and d pairing when they force him into top 6 minutes in buf. /facepalm
  2. canucks win this trade now and in the future canucks can now match their 3rd line against other teams top lines, and in the future kassian could be a huge force
  3. **Comparing Cody Hodgson to Claude Giroux**

    umm look at point totals, gagner had a higher point total than hodgson is on pace for
  4. **Comparing Cody Hodgson to Claude Giroux**

    hopefully the OP isn't seriously thinking hodgson will be as good as giroux. hodgson is a slower version of sam gagner- fair comparision IMO
  5. Jannik Hansen

    to be fair to slegr, there were tons of people slamming hansen at the start of the season. most of these people negging you are hypocrites
  6. Jannik Hansen

    he's good defensively, if anything cody hodgson should be the odd man out
  7. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    yes, i would say he's been gillis' best draft pick so far. smart, big power forward who has started to go into the dirty areas