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  1. VAN has apparently had scouts at both of the last two San Jose games: 1 tonight vs the Avalanche 1 two nights ago vs the Blues User Actions Following Adrian DaterVerified account‏@adater Following teams have TWO scouts each at Avs-Sharks tonight: Montreal, Totonto, Chicago, Detroit and LA. Florida, Van, Dallas and AZ here too Sorry couldn't find the confirmation for the Blues game but I do remember reading it on twitter. With Benning's stance on making hockey trades vs aquiring drat picks some possible targets: Bendan Dhillion Matt Nieto Chris Terieny Tomas Hertl Would have to think its Hamhuis, even after with the trade for Polak. Can never have enough good d-men.
  2. lolz mark spector on twitter: " for VAN, ask would start with Tanev and include a young player on ELC like virtanen, shinkaruk, horvat
  3. according to Arthur Staple a beat writer for the NY ISLANDERS what garth wants is: "an established top 4 d-man, not prospects/ or draft picks."
  4. close to another shutout
  5. 1) salary cap didn't go that much higher 2) draft picks becoming more valuable every year 3) guys like glencross and fehr still available in FA
  6. If he does come to North America to play next season I would lean towards the CHL more than the AHL. Let him play in an easier league while learning the North American game. While also gaining confidence as he should be able to put up good numbers in a league with younger players. P.S. Anyone know when the CHL import draft is?
  7. Yesterday Jason Botchford of the province took to twitter and answered several questions about the Canucks at the upcoming 2015 entry draft. Although the answers weren't too revealing, there were some interesting nuggets: Q1: benning seemed to have interest in barzal (matt) early on in season due to scouting he was doing of him A1: they don't think they can trade up, no Q2: Wonder where Brandon Carlo is on their board A2: I doubt Carlo. They've been more interested in puck movers Q3: almost certain they take a d-man A3: no, its not certain, but theres a couple they like that should be there Q4: Couldn't find the actual question but Botch was asked who he likes in that spot. A4: Botch has mentioned defensemen (QMJHL) Jacob Zboril several times I know its just Botch casually answering twitter questions so take it for what its worth. But the guy does know what hes talking about and he does have sources within the organization.
  8. I see brandon dubinsky as a good comparison for guance. same size both known for their defensive play both put up very similar junior careers both started out at center but found more success as wingers A player similar to dubinsky is what I think guances ceiling is. Dubinsky as we all know is a very good shutdown 3rd line center who can get 35 - 40 points a season. Or as we have seen him more recently a 2nd line two-way winger who could put up 20+ goals and 45 - 55 points. I think guances future in the NHL is on the wing and (big surprise here) thats what hes currently playing in Utica
  9. wow cassels is 4th in OHL scoring only behind phenom McDavid and his linemate Dylan Strome, and Joseph Blandisi (some random overager who was never drafted)
  10. has anyone heard anything on when hell be making his debut for the hitmen
  11.     does not matter; id rather him take the extra time and make sure he is fully healed than play in a tournament that does not really mean anything. my hope is that he is ready to go for game 1 of the hitmen's season
  12. if jake is ready to play in game 1 of the calagary hitmens season i would consider that a huge plus. he is not gonna be playing in the young stars or training camp. theres no way they will risk him getting injured again. And people lets not kid ourselfs here, he is going back to the hitmen where im sure he will dominate.
  13. no offense to the first 3 picks but tryamkin is the most interesting van pick this year. gotta believe benning picked him for a good reason
  14. if it was the 10th pick cdc would like the trade a lot more but benning was handcuffed here and if bonino breaks out next year it wont look so bad; plus if someone in the draft falls like a kevin fiala it will be all the more better
  15. who hear thinks bonino is gonna have a better year next season without getzlaf and perry