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  1. It's gotta be The Killer B's
  2. Totally agree from the small sample I've seen. Impressed with the hits as well, but the poise he has is amazing. I just hope if we don't get him, some team out east does.
  3. English > Math?
  4. See who gels with dahlen-pettersson-Virtanen/Gadjovich and the odd man out goes to the third line as a banger that can chip in with Lind I think Goldobin would work well with Boeser and Horvat. The later 2 are both responsible. Pretty much possible 1a and 1b lines. I think either line could score in bunches against oppositions second pairings. Looks like we just need that top-flight #1 ofd, which we should be able to address in next years draft, or potentially in trade but unlikely. Dahlen-Pettersson-Virtanen Goldobin-Horvat-Boeser Lind- Granlund-Gadjovich Baerstchi-Guadette-Lockwood Palmu Juolevi-2018 Elder-Stecher Hutton-Gudbranson Brisebois Demko markstrom dipietro A lot of ifs and projections, but I like the looks.
  5. Would have been happy with Glass or Vilardi, but happy with this pick. Have to admit I was a little shocked. Benning tried to trade down, didn't work out. I commend him for sticking with the direction he wanted. We needed a center with skill, we got it. Seems like a quality young man also, bonus. Glad Jim took a risk on someone with a very high ceiling, hope he comes close to it.
  6. Hey CTD, been a busy year to say the least. Love this time of year though, after a long season like last.
  7. This is exactly what I meant by Virtanen being safe, esp in comparison to Ehlers/Nylander at the time. Bigger Nhl body. Before Pitt won with speed, this is what teams wanted in a winger.
  8. I think we have been relatively safe with our 1st round picks the last few years (Horvat, Virtanen, Juolevi). With #3 through #11ish being somewhat of a crapshoot more than ever longterm, I would like to be less safe this year and pick Makar if available. Not just his game, but in watching some interviews, he seems highly intelligent and comfortable, and screams Karlsson special to me. In my opinion Juolevi allows this. IF it works, and they become a future first line pairing, Juolevi allows Makar to take high risk/reward gambles up the ice. We are missing this player. We have some somewhat one dimensional wingers, that will need the puck quickly as they might not be the types to get it themselves based on strength along the boards. We would have the ability to be a 4 man breakout with Juolevi playing safe. This would also take pressure off of Juolevi as a point producer...he could just play his steady game. Ideally if we also got the #3 pick in a Tanev trade, I think Vilardi/Glass is safe and very suited to our current prospect pool. At one point Vilardi was one of the players I did not want, but my tune has changed if we get two top 5 pics. I don't see Middlestat or Petterson being playoff performer types. If we had a #8-9 pick then fine, but not in top 5. I'd take Petterson over Necas or Middlestat. Heiskanen is way too safe and similar to Juolevi, possibly superior, but still too similar. Liljegren reminds me of Pouliot, and that scares me. #5 Makar or if Tanev + trade for #3, #3 Makar (now one of Glass/Vilardi is guaranteed) #5 Vilardi/Glass
  9. All trades aren't the same because they involve different players. Subban and Tanev are very opposite players, Larssen and Tanev are very similar so easy to compare that trade to a Tanev trade. Tanev is more proven than Guddy and has more value at this moment. All I am saying Elvis is that it is market value...that doesn't mean that another team will make a crazy trade for Tanev...but it is the market value, because the market just dictated it. If you own a house on 100st and a very similar house sells for $1,000,000, then the market says your house is worth roughly $1,000,000 until the next sale proves otherwise. He's worth roughly a top line, non elite winger in my opinion.
  10. Yes it actually does. The current market is the last sale price, it is the most recent accurate way of telling what the market is...what else is there, trades from 5 years ago? Just because the trade is crazy, which we can all agree, doesn't mean it isn't the market value. The comparison to the vancouver housing market is a great example of a crazy market, just like RHD. Do I think we can trade Tanev for someone in the Landeskog range? Absolutely not out of the question. Edmonton was desparate, and "X" team will be desperate tomorrow. Tanev is super steady and a great cap hit, and can play top pairing minutes with an OFD, every playoff team would love a Tanev on their roster. Tanev is closer to Larssen than he is to Gudbranson, and right now I would say Tanev holds more value than Gudbranson based on his contract status, prime age, analytic numbers and overall proven steadiness. No reason he can't land a top 6 winger.
  11. Forms of "trolling" have been around forever I guess, but if you think 25 years ago, people "trolled" like they do now, you are incorrect. People that are born after the internet age, generally, are less polite and more prone to troll as they have no consequences for annoying people and wasting others time. Of course there are many acceptions. When I was a kid, you pissed someone off on purpose, and you had to answer for it. There is a big difference between your dad or your boss teasing you, rather than some random person you don't know purposely trying to piss you off on the internet for no reason...I didn't grow up with this mentality around me.
  12. Considering Larsson was traded for Hall, I assumed he was grasping at that parallel. Either way, I don't care if he is trolling or not, it doesn't concern me. Im from a time when trolling wasn't a thing, it's not something I care to Pokemon Go.
  13. Would cost more than Tanev/Granlund for Provorov I think, but yes Tanev would be perfect for Gostisbehere. Imagine a D corps one day involving: Provorov-Tryamin Juolevi-Gudbranson Hutton-Brisbois Stetcher/Subban/Pedan That's a puck that moves. Think it would cost Tanev/Hansen/CBJ 2nd and I would do it still.
  14. In a heartbeat. It would take more though after his stellar playoffs and rescinding his trade request.
  15. I'm "Not willing" to trade someone and this player is presently "untradeable" are the same thing Phil...guess I'm crazy. Saying "agreed with not trading Chris or Erik" without knowing a return asset is making an untradeable declaration on that player. I'm not trying to twist your words as twisting your words doesn't benefit me at all. I wasn't ignoring your points, I was going by your words "agreed not trading Chris or Erik". You've since clarified your position, you would trade Tanev if it meant addressing a need. Good to hear, so would I. Who is this player you would trade him for Phil? Who is the one player in the NHL that Tanev could land that is a fair trade that helps both teams?