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  1. Because some of our so called fans are idiots
  2. Yea lol, EASHL is not coming out.Don't listen to the nuts over on the ea forums. Judging from a recent playtest I can't see how it won't be in the game
  3. Yea im not exactly sure the exact science on player ratings. EA says yearly that it's based off of NHL scouts or atleast the scouts give input. Then again some of the ratings are quite questionable. The kesler 90 really got me.
  4. http://www.easports.com/nhl/news/2014/nhl-15-player-ratings-top-50-overall
  5. this is correct
  6. you still active on the EA forums?
  7. Even worse on the EA forums. Got to do a couple of playtests. Not the game type(s) i wanted to test but all in all can't complain.
  8. The Vancouver Canucks have signed unrestricted free-agent forward Radim Vrbata to a two-year contract worth an average annual value of $5 million. As per TSN http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=456319
  9. Where does this Iginla thing factor in? Anyways, I wouldn't mind Miller if he was to sign for 2-3 years roughly under 5-5.5. Would not do anything above. Take a discount since the ducks and sharks don't seem to want him anymore ( Rumours ) and i doubt he goes to EDM/CGY. Heck his wife can get a acting job on Arrow. Filmed right near rogers. Him and lack could go 52/30 ish
  10. This is a joke right? No wonder this game hardly improves with suggestions like this. Guess you were one of the guys who made broken glass the most requested feature way back when.