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  1. Seems legit. Good depth option if nothing else. Could be a Biega like situation. Smaller but physical guy who has a high motor. Cant complain about this signing. Love the international scouting and signing job we've been doing.
  2. So we get Gudbranson who is a top minute shut down D that is right handed to boot and only 24. We trade McCann who COULD be solid but buried in organizational depth. We have the 5th overall pick in which the most likely pick is a C/LW who would immediately replace McCann on depth chart further burying McCann in organizational depth. Trade a 2nd round in addition to McCann for a top minute shut down D. CDC loses mind...over a 2nd round pick for a top minute shut down D man... Personally, I like the trade and what Gudbranson brings to the team. Let's see if that offense develops more in VAN. Even if it doesn't he is still a leader and a defensive stalwart going forward. The only question I have is contract for Gudbranson.
  3. This just dawned on me and I am sure it has been mentioned in this thread (might even be on the first page for all i know) that Rodin was captain of Brynas this last season. That is pretty good for a 25 year old. I really hope that he comes over and has a Baertschi or better full campaign with Vancouver. I was excited about this kid when he was "in our system." Now that he is back and signed I cant wait to see what he brings.
  4. I think the plan is for McCann to play a year in the minors. Gives him more exposure to big minutes (PP, PK, top 6 line) and a coach that has shown ability at grooming youth into staying power NHL'ers. Same would maybe go for Virtanen as well except he is physically capable of NHL rigors. IMO, the only reasons they made the team is their performance warranted it AND they were not able to go to the AHL. If they were able to go to the AHL last season I think both of their seasons would of been much shorter in VAN. This also seems like a potential scenario to me.
  5. 2 years at ~3million per. After that, assuming continued progression, 4 years at 5.5 per. Then the big contract after that given that he'll be 27-28 and in his prime. I think Horvat is loyal so i am not really concerned with a bridge deal. After all he is essentially the face of our franchise going forward. He goes to UFA if the Canucks organization screw up and IMO that is the only way. That is why I am not concerned with a 4 year deal post a 2 year bridge.
  6. I think the difference is Holtby vs whoever is in net for the Pens. If the Capitals can get to Murray or whoever is in net early in the series then the Caps win this one. If Fleury comes back less than 100% the Caps win. If Fleury comes back 100% and is solid the Pens win. If Murray plays the way he did against the Rangers then the Pens have a good shot at winning. Gotta love the Ovechkin vs Malkin/Crosby rivalry reignited no matter if you like these teams or not. Pens are as hot as it gets. If that keeps rolling then they win this. I mean Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, Hornqvist, Hagelin and the crew are extremely good. Their D is interesting however; Maata is not the same as he was last season. I guess I am going to go with Caps in 7 but wouldn't be surprised to see either team take it in less if they remain hot.
  7. I think I am gonna go with the Isles in 7. Now that they have the monkey off their back winning a playoff series they have nothing left to lose. The Lightning have been here done that. I think the Isles come out hungry and stun the Lightning and without Stammer and Stralman they dont recover in time to save the series.
  8. Good luck to Dallas beating STL/CHI with that defense and Lehtonen. Especially if Seguin isnt back.
  9. Now if only the Wild had shown up for the first 40 minutes they would of killed Dallas today
  10. oh boy....if the hand closed... Replays dont show yes or no though. Edit: Not reviewable on the hand closing. That puck was an inch from
  11. He has the consistency of Rob Ford on/off cocaine
  12. Rarely do we say the refs lose a team a game by not making a call but if the Wild win this then that 4th goal will be a non-call to remember
  13. Huh....Weird goal. Do the Wild have it in em to mount the comeback again.
  14. Back to back garbage calls against the caps. White got high sticked by his own teammate and Niskanen was stick on stick low, no hook at all.
  15. Well lottery sim likes us now after the BJ's won.