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  1. Yeah I watched a replay and it was a good back check...I guess I'm just frustrated with this game
  2. How does Staal not get called on a partial break cross check to the back of Sutter?
  3. Hahaha Guddy!!!
  4. Dude... Come on Willie, I know it's preseason and camp and all but 2 too much man penalties at key moments... Come on... There found my complain about Willie thought tonight
  5. Stecher! Holy crap!!! Great finish by Rodin! Looking good. Complain about Edler but homie has 3 assists and that was a great feed to Stecher
  6. I am happy with Juolevi. He has played well enough for his first NHLish action. He'll be in London as y'all have said this season, but I'm happy with his first game. Just needs to adjust to the speed of the game and see his reads a little quicker. I'm also pleasantly surprised with Rodins defensive play. Hustling on the back check hard and making plays. Biggest awesome surprise for me is Gaunce and Stecher. Both have looked great. Hutton looks even better than last season. I knew Guddy would be good. Demko seems to be having issues seeing the puck cleanly. That'll be interesting to watch if that improves in Utica this season.
  7. Man Gaunce, Stecher, Guddy, Juolevi, Rodin all looking good
  8. I was about to post that. I liked that rush to the net there. Much better! Looking forward to him on the roster
  9. Rodin looks scared of contact....
  10. That is Sherwood Ice Arena in Sherwood, Oregon...I play there. Never knew this happened lol. assuming this was after Bostons cup win?
  11. When and where do we meet? Between two zambonis at 7:30?
  12. Me too!
  13. Yeah you won't hear an argument from me on your points. They are valid. I just love hockey and am happy it's back in any form.
  14. Neither do I but it's somewhat competitive hockey and hockey is good