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  1. That is Sherwood Ice Arena in Sherwood, Oregon...I play there. Never knew this happened lol. assuming this was after Bostons cup win?
  2. When and where do we meet? Between two zambonis at 7:30?
  3. Me too!
  4. Yeah you won't hear an argument from me on your points. They are valid. I just love hockey and am happy it's back in any form.
  5. Neither do I but it's somewhat competitive hockey and hockey is good
  6. Holy Tavares.... What a move... What's even better is Torts couldn't challenge even if he wanted! Good goal regardless but suck it
  7. Same here man, never gets old. It gets even better being a Canadian in America. I like America but when it comes to USA vs Canada competitions I'm all Canada man
  8. 3-1 good guys end of first USA: McDonagh Canada: Duchesne x2 Perry
  9. Thanks Alf. I moved here about 7 years ago for a job from Surrey. Miss home but I do like it here. It is starting to get a bit over crowded the last couple years though around here. Nothing like the Couv but trying. Edit: ESPN coverage of the world Cup is laughable. Hull and Chelios are entertaining but everyone else is a joke.
  10. In the past all of the above. However, in the last 2 seasons Marchand has turned from what you said above to a highly skilled agitator. Always had the skill and now he is developing the maturity to go with it.
  11. Watching this game at a small dive sports bar in Oregon that knows and likes hockey wearing my Canada jersey is glorious. Everyone was giving me crap on 1-0 goal and I can't stop laughing now. And I'm well on the way to being drunk also... That helps too
  12. I should hate Marchand but when I see that crest go from a Bruin to a leaf I can't help but love his skilled, agitating style
  13. Same thing as Marchand... Love him on team Canada, despise him as a Bruin. Loved Kes as a Canucks, hate him as anything else
  14. Kes is such a little b...
  15. I like your signature LaBamba