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  1. Funny I frequently work at the Nike headquarters in Oregon (Not employed by them, I am a contractor with them) and on one of the walkways on campus they have banners of Nike athletes. I saw one of Ovi and was confused as Nike has no presence in hockey other than international uniforms nowadays. Seeing all of the videos and images of him since winning the cup he always has Nike shoes and clothing on so I am assuming he still has sponsor deals with them. In relation to the pic, he looks 10 years younger. Apparently binge partying takes years off your age rather than adding them.
  2. Derrick Pouliot | #5 | D

    I agree and don't expect either to truly reach their potential. However, everyone always says D-men don't reach their prime or full potential until 27. Pouliot is 24, if he keeps progressing as well as he did this season (compared to previous years in PIT), I can see him still reaching his offensive potential.
  3. Choke show again. 4 goals against in the 3rd. Gardiner is terrible
  4. Canucks roster year end grades

    Archibald: C (Serviceable 4th liner and that's it) Baertschi: C (tentative start, then good, then injured) Biega: C+ (Serviceable 7th D, has big balls) Boeser: A Boucher: C (about what was expected) Burmistrov: F outta here Del Zotto: C (decent so C) Dorsett: A (Will be missed) Dowd: C- (stop-gap, no offense) Edler: B+ (CDC whip but points, hits and blocks proved otherwise) Eriksson: C- (Get healthy, keep up D work, add more offense) Gagner: D+ (Bad for money/term) Gaunce: C- (first round pick with 0 offense) Goldobin: C+ (plus is for last 10 games of season) Granlund: F (step back an understatement) Gudbranson: C- (Decent defense, no offense, some physicality, now for $4mil) Horvat: A (Good other than injury, give him the C) Hutton: D- (WTF) Jokinen: B (Solid, sign for 1 year) Leipsic: B+ (couldn't crack Vegas to being one of our best) Markstrom: C- (inconsistent but effort is there) Motte: C (Nothing special but has rare flash) Nilsson: F (Just terrible per 60 min) Pouliot: C (turnovers haunt him but creative potential PMD we need) Daniel Sedin: B+ (All the best) Henrik Sedin: C (All the best) Stecher: C (No step forward, no step back, has heart) Sutter: C+ (Overwhelmingly high D zone starts/opposition top line deployment is rough on him. + For that alone) Tanev: C- (Injuries, injuries, injuries) Vanek: B+ (Was good on ice and good mentor for Boeser) Virtanen: B (Good development over the 82 game season, can he keep it going?) Use Jokinen and a resigned Vanek as the veteran leadership along with Edler, Sutter, Eriksson and maybe Guddy(?) next season. Do not, for the love of Sedin, sign Bozak in the off-season. Sutter 2.0 but softer and will have similar if not higher cap hit.
  5. Why has Keith Kincaid played so much the 2nd half of the year and started playoffs? I haven't really paid attention to the Devil's this season except for Halls run. Schneider was injured this season for a bit right? Did Schneider suck it up and Kincaid outplayed him or what? Because Kincaid has been average at best this series
  6. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    This Sedin tribute video on Facebook live is making me all emotional yet again....
  7. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I am curious if it was Ekman-Larsson that told the refs to pay their respects. He went straight to them as the game ended.
  8. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Facebook live for interviews and other post game fun folks.
  9. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Thank you Henrik and Daniel for everything you've done. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  10. [Retirement] The Sedins to retire at the end of the season

    Cheers Henrik and Daniel. Two of the best to ever don the Orca and to ever play the game as well. Thank you for 17 seasons of awe and amazing plays!
  11. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Anaheim Ducks

    After Edler took the penalty against Perry, Daniel skated to the refs and was talking to them and got a misconduct. Who knows what he said.
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Anaheim Ducks

    So watching the condensed game of the Pens-Rangers of the NBCSN (US) broadcast. The female commentator they have constantly says "OH, OH, OH" relentlessly whenever there is action....but sounds disappointed as well. It is very entertaining and making me want to watch the entire game replay now. Also, go CaTanks go!
  13. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Anaheim Ducks

    8-3 finish... Flower got whipped tonight.
  14. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Anaheim Ducks

    We are not a good hockey team lol.... Wow
  15. [PGT] New York Islanders vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Get well soon Brock. Please don't rush, back injuries are the worst. I rushed back to life after a semi-serious spine injury and am still suffering for not letting it heal properly 11 years later. LET IT HEAL JB, TL, TG but most of all Aquilini. Do not force the kid back early to sell some tickets at the end here. The Virtanen evolution this season has been tremendous to watch, plays in all zones now. Paid off with an OT start where he made a great D play and had a solid SOG. Leipsic man, way to toy with a fanbases emotions dude. I like the fact he is literally the same style player in the NHL as he was in Portland in the WHL. All over the box score. He'll become a fan favorite even if he does blow it sometimes (Marchand/Gallagher type but not a dirty little weasel like Marchand). D was unspectacularly solid tonight after the slow start. Fun game but boy.......Boeser.....My heart sank when I saw that happen.