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  1. Not upset about this but not ecstatic. Pettersson has the chance to be an extremely good player.
  2. There is no generational talent in this draft but I am maybe more excited for this year than years past. It can go any which way for players beyond Patrick/Hischier and trades seem to be more likely this year. Will be fun to watch/follow. That said I hope we wind up with Glass/Vilardi/Pettersson at 5.
  3. I am okay with this. I think Green is a good coach. I would like to see him given a long leash. This rebuild is going to take a while and have an endless cycle of coaches doesnt help development. We arent going to be competitive for another 2 years at least, in my opinion. Let the young guns build and grow with Green behind the bench. They trusted him in Utica, they'll trust him in Van. They lose trust when we keep hiring and removing coaches every 2/3 years.
  4. Anton Rodin for all
  5. We'll miss you Burrows but thank you for doing this so we can acquire Dahlen!
  6. If anyone is interested the game Dirt 3 Complete Edition is free on the Humble Bundle store right now.
  7. I consider the Willie Watch equal to the US presidential election.....A dumpster fire doused in crap with oil from the middle east flowing on it like a broken faucet.
  8. Prepare to have your trade ideas ripped to shreds courtesy of CDC
  9. Andrew Ladd scored his first goal against us....That means Eriksson's curse is broken and will score 18 goals tonight to take the league lead in a 18-19 loss to the Rangers...
  10. The spear is crap....If you want to get back at a player for a hit on one of your teammates step up and fight him. Do not feign a fall and then spear him as retaliation. Makes the team look bad.
  11. The only player with fire in his game is gone now....Get better Hansen!
  12. I think the definition of our season was the last 10 seconds of the game when they passed it around the perimeter and didnt get a shot off.
  13. 2-0 Leafs...If we can get shutout by Mike Condon then we sure can get shutout by Fredrik Andersen.
  14. Bench him for the remainder of the game?