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  1. Edmonton has only allowed 1 goal so far against Chicago well into the 2nd period... They must be planning the parade again on the Oilers HF boards.. I'm just trying to distract from thinking about our effort level in the 1st period.
  2. Well that was somewhat entertaining after the 1st period but final score was not entertaining or fun at all. Switched to the OT for NYI/NYR. Didnt realize Halak was no longer banished to the Ahl by NYI
  3. Pouliot played decent. Had the puck bouncing on his stick a bit. Was relatively sound defensively and jumped into the rush offensively when he had the chance. Not great not bad which is just fine by me.
  4. Lindholm, Rask, Teravainen, Faulk. Not a bad group they got
  5. Confidence lost seeing people pass him on the depth chart in PIT. They needed sound d-men on callups not rushing offensive d-men so he never had a good shot. He also didn't take advantage of his shots. He's here now, with his old coach has some confidence and is playing well. Happy to see it
  6. Well people wanted the BBB line but it isn't the one playing great tonight. Boy they seem to be having fun.
  7. Nilsson has looked great in his first go. Love the signs of chemistry, but more importantly to me, the smiles on the faces of Burmy, Boeser and Baer tonight. Baer continues to appear to be waking up so that makes me happy. Still being outplayed overall but a much better 2nd
  8. I agree with you completely. On a game by game basis I am equally guilty of judging our guys in the GDT. However, I don't expect success for the season, I just want some damned effort on the ice night in and night out. You've been here a long time, as have I (but don't post much), the doom and gloom comes and goes as the teams has their ups and downs. It's part of the fun of coming to CDC (for me at least).
  9. The atmosphere on these boards has been like this for years, even when the Canucks were good if we lost 3 in a row it was chaos on here. Come here for comedy, not insight.
  10. Well perhaps 3 games in to the season Green may have woken Beartschi up... Which is great because I've been pissed at him so far. Much higher battle and compete level tonight. Boeser was solid except the play that led to the open net. Happy he got a point. Horvat was good but empty handed again. Happy with that line tonight, keep it together please. Meh loss against a decent team. We played a good third. On to the next one, hoping we get to face good ol Lack in net instead of Smith.
  11. "moral victories"...... Anybody?
  12. He sure did. One of my favorite memories when he was in Portland was a game against Victoria I think. He leveled a dude on the half boards, knocked over the guy that came to defend him then dropped the mitts with a third guy and won that too. I don't expect that in Vancouver but I want to see what he can do with a coach/management that believes in him and some confidence.
  13. That basically sums up the game...
  14. His mouth farts are not roses and cupcakes either.
  15. I don't like it if that is the case..My office is far to small for this crap. Anyway....Bench Baertschi lol