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    Just a die hard Canucks fan.... still looking for STANLEY!

  1. Newest blog post can be found HERE This post talks all about the current goaltending controversy. Lots of comments on both sides of the spectrum, check it out and voice your opinion NOW! http://whereisstanleycanucks.blogspot.com/2011/11/schneider-needs-to-be-benched-november.html
  2. New Blog post is up HERE 1. Vancouver outplayed? 2. Crosby Comparison 3. Brooklyn Decker Metaphor! 4. Red Wings of old.... Make sure to read and comment (there is already a great comment posted below, see if you agree?) http://whereisstanleycanucks.blogspot.com/2011/11/we-dont-deserve-to-win-november-21-2011.html
  3. Put up the new blog post HERE: 1. Hansen Goal and Hansen Miss 2. 3rd Period breakdown 3. Lack of Passion? 4. Missing Raffi Torres.... 5. Kesler & Booth http://whereisstanleycanucks.blogspot.com/2011/11/chicago-blackhawks-vs-canucks-november_16.html
  4. It is an amazing thought thinking of a line with Kesler, Booth and Raymond. That's a lot of speed! However, you have to wonder if someone like Hodgson or Higgins (more playmakers) should be inserted somewhere in there?
  5. http://whereisstanleycanucks.blogspot.com/2011/11/what-rivalry-why-blackhawks-vs-canucks.html
  6. New Blog post is up HERE 1. Rome's hot streak (Norris?) 2. Great game 3. 5 on 5 scoring 4. Hodgson's play http://whereisstanleycanucks.blogspot.com/2011/11/new-york-islanders-vs-canucks-november.html
  7. 1. Defense have an off night 2. Ducks win second period 3. Canucks have late surge 4. Corey Perry breaks his stick over a Sedin wrist http://bit.ly/w4CREe
  8. http://whereisstanleycanucks.blogspot.com/ Who should play when everyone is healthy? Not jealous of Gillis making this decision at all.....
  9. A week ago I was complaining about lack of production, but now my Hockey pool could sure use him back...... http://bit.ly/u93GlN
  10. New Blog post is HERE 1. Rivalry 2. Power Play 3. 3rd/4th lines 4. Luongo's Play 5. Bieksa Fight http://whereisstanleycanucks.blogspot.com/2011/11/chicago-blackhawks-vs-canucks-november.html
  11. Latest Blog post is up HERE 1. Schneider's Play 2. Fourth Line still consistent? 3. Ballard Hit and Fight 4. 5 Goals by Minnesota!?!? http://whereisstanleycanucks.blogspot.com/
  12. Newest post is up HERE: 1. Canucks Warming Up 2. Higgins & Burrows 3. Sedins Consistency 4. Luongo 5. Booth and Don Cherry's Comments
  13. Follow us to get the latest and greatest from the Where is Stanley Crew! http://twitter.com/#!/Wheres_Stanley
  14. Late post, had a busy weekend. What a game, looked like the Canucks of old. The blog post should be up within an hour at: http://whereisstanleycanucks.blogspot.com/
  15. http://whereisstanleycanucks.blogspot.com/2011/10/luongo-vs-schneider-controversy.html Our thoughts on the goalie situation!