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  1. This draft is reminding me a lot of 2014. I think this would be a good year to trade down and get some picks. Lots of variability in rankings, and euro and smaller players are going to be underestimated as usual. If not picking top 5, then I would move the pick and get two picks in the first round (although no team has two picks right now).
  2. My top 10 so far into the season: Nolan Patrick Timothy Liljegren Gabe Vilardi Casey Middlestat Nico Hischier Elias Petterson Lias Andersson Kristian Vesalainen Martin Necas Nikita Popugaev
  3. Watched a few games so far this year and I'm kind of disappointed, to be honest. When Maata was playing, you could tell he was THE guy on the back-end but Juolevi doesn't really stand out much and it's much more of a group approach. Still early in the season so maybe the coach is trying to give everyone a shot. Hopefully Juolevi takes on a bigger role as the season continues.
  4. Yes, let's trade first round picks since Canucks have so much high-end offensive talent in their forward prospects.
  5. Has not looked very good defensively today. Got Virtanen's floating fever.
  6. 2018
  7. If he's available, I would pick Nick Suzuki with the 2nd round pick. Solid player all around; he can defend, forecheck, backcheck, pass, and shoot. Also one of the youngest players in the draft with an August birthday. The numbers are good too: .60 ppg (38 points in 63 games) as a 16 year old and 1.22 ppg (22 in 18 games) this year. He's putting up almost 4.5 shots/game. Safe pick with lots of potential to exceed expectations.
  8. He didn't earn a spot because they brought in Vanek, Neilson, Ott and they had prospects in Athanasiou and Mantha who are ready or close to making jump. Plus he's not 100%. The Canucks don't have the luxury of decent forward prospects pushing for spots, making players like Pulkkinen expendable. It's not like it was a big risk to pick him up. If he doesn't look good after 10 games, they can waive him and call up another player. If he doesn't get claimed, then Utica has a great player who can help them get into playoffs. I mean, what's the downside here?
  9. I love Gaunce and have been a fan since he was drafted, even when majority of posters forgot about him after Bo and Hunter were drafted. But I was comparing Pulkkinen to the other guys on team like Virtanen and Etem, who have not really earned their spots on the roster.
  10. That's basically Gaunce.
  11. I don't know. I think the last thing Toronto needs is more young, undersized forwards. They got marner, nylander, and brown. Then they got Matthews who's a rookie as well. Look at Canucks lineup; it's full of two-way players, playmakers, and grinders. No pure shooters. Also of note; Pulkkinen had 11 points in 20 games last year before he got hurt. He's coming back from surgery so it will take time for him to get back into shape, but looking at where the Canucks are, they should give him a look. The problem last season was lack of secondary scoring, more players like McNeill aren't going to change that.
  12. This team is lacking in secondary scoring. So, if there is chance Pulkkinen may be able to help out, then they should explore it. Put him the 2nd powerplay and on a line with defensively responsible players. Ideally, in a Willie D 4 line approach, you would like some offensive talent in your 3/4 line instead of all grinders and two-way players. He may be one-dimensional but no one on this team has a shot as good as his.
  13. just for tonight though
  14. Okay that makes sense. From my point of view though, Eriksson is 1RW to Sedins for 2 years and another few years as Sedins will probably sign another contract. Behind him will be Boeser at 2RW, who I think will be ready in two years. At C, there is Henrik. Sutter, and Horvat for at least 4-5 years, imo. At LW, there's Daniel and then I see a hole. Baertschi might be able to fill that void but I rather a player like Landeskog. Let's not forget, the team is still drafting prospects each year, at least 2 or 3 of which should become impact players. I guess the major point of difference is the value of Virtanen, So, we'll just have to wait and see how Virtanen turns out. I hope you are right.