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  1. IF, the Sedins are ever traded, you trade them on the deadline of the last year of their contract, retaining 50% of their salary (which would cease to be an issue at the end of that season), for a fair but not ridiculous return + the other teams 7th round pick, on the condition that at the draft they trade the rights to both Sedins back to the Canucks to get their 7th rounder back. Of course that is conditional on the Canucks not being in a place to contend with them that year, and the Sedins wanting that short term shot to win a cup. Heck if you really wanted to make it confusing, and placate all the people who never want to see the Sedins in a Jersey other than a Canucks Jersey... you tell the other team that the Sedins will be on their team... but wear their normal Canucks Jerseys ...
  2. Congratulations Jason Garrison

    With Garrison reaching the finals, inevitably on this forum there will be talk about how letting him go was a mistake, how we should get him back, and all sorts of other knee jerk reactions to a former player doing well. I think we should congratulate a player who last off season was asked to waive a no trade, did, and got traded away from his home town hockey team. So Congratulations to Garrison, have an awesome Stanley Cup final, and help Tampa Bay win, because I sure as heck do not want to see Kesler or the Blackhawks win the cup this year.
  3. Any Sabres fans out there going to game Friday?

    Your sabres may be terrible, right now, but you can still enjoy watching Former Buffalo Sabres Ryan Miller and Zack Kassian hopefully have a good game. Respect Buffalo's past, anticipate Buffalo's future, you can't suck for ever .
  4. Gretzky trying to bring NHL to Seattle!

    No, lets not relocate the Panthers to Seattle... Luongo might just get sick of the rain, the magnetic pull this area has on him and distance from home, causing him to retire, hitting us with Cap recapture. Though in that series of events we might be able to get the NHL to drop it, like they lessened up on the Kovalchuck penalty to New Jersey when he just bailed on them.
  5. [Proposal] McDavid.

    And seeing this stunt by GMMG... Pittsburgh gives Crosby and Malkin the year off, and hand out bonuses to the team to avoid scoring even a single goal over the season...
  6. Karma is a $!%@%, Mr.Boychuk

    What I take away from this is simple, the fans of Montreal show class, they're able to applaud an injured member of the Boston Bruins where in a similar situation Boston fans may start a chant demeaning the injured player like with Raymond. What happened to Raymond, bad luck, it happens, what happened to Boychuck, bad luck it happens, the ONLY way it could be considered related is if Raymond had delivered the injuring hit himself. Speedy recovery Boychuck.