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  1. I actually agree with this. It doesn't have anything to do with taking people's citizenship away... Did you even read the article haha.
  2. Just wanted to share this recent study for people who may be interested: I find the baseline characteristics outlined in table 1 to be pretty interesting. Seems like of the 5700 patients part of this study, most were middle aged, obese, Caucasian men, with diabetes and hypertension.
  3. Not to get too specific about my place of work, but in my hospital we can have about 25 - 35 vented patients. By the time I left work yesterday, I think we had 10-14 query/positive COVID patients needing to be vented. That's just COVID patients... In my estimate we are usually at least 70% full with patients needing life support for other reasons - pneumonia, cardiac arrest, septic shock etc. Now with this pandemic, there is definitely doing to be a crunch for resources and staff.
  4. We've got a few people under 50 on life support at the moment just in my ICU. Don't you get what that means? What happens when more and more people get really sick, we run out of ventilators? We run out drugs keeping them alive? Frontline staff getting burnt out? People are going to die, including the so called young and healthy ones. I think people arguing against what medical experts are saying at this point about social distancing are just selfish, ignorant and plainly put, dumb. Experts across the world are saying the same thing. Unless these ppl have a degree in any relevant medical field and actually see what's going on in the hospitals, they can keep their ignorant opinions to themselves.
  5. I work in an ICU in the lower mainland. They are saying that health care professionals who contract the virus from patients actually tend to get a lot sicker, when compared to other people in the same age group and with a similar health history. Possibly because the are in prolonged close contact with these patients who may be undergoing aerolized generating procedures such as intubation, nebulizer or BiPap. We are working pretty short, lots of people coming in on their days off. I think as this progresses people with definitely get burnt out, which decreases their immunity and makes them more prone to getting sick in general. I wish more young and healthy people would take this seriously. We all need to do our part here for the greater good. We can still limit the spread and save lives. I encourage you all to maintain good hand hygiene, keep practicing social distancing, stay away from the hospital if you don't need to be there. Hopefully this thing doesn't go on for much longer, but I have a feeling a lot more people are going to get sick before things get better.
  6. So sht like this really angers me. Are people really that dense? That ignorant or unsympathetic to harm this can cause? Spent the last two days taking care of COVID-19 patients on life support. It's getting harder and busier every day, it's a drain on all of our resources and mental healt. Frontline staff are putting their lives at risk by taking care of sick patients, and these idiots have the nerve to go strolling by the beach? Do they not comprehend what "social distancing" means? What entitled jerks.
  7. Not sure if this has been talked about, but does anyone know what/if there will be salary cap implications due to this shut down? The league is obviously losing tonnes of revenue right now. I think the cap was supposed to be 84-88 million next year..
  8. This has been a super entertaining game so far!!! C'mon, one more point, we got this!
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      Jakes turn to shine, hope he does.


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      dodged a bullet here maybe, seemed like it could have been a lot worse with the talk about a separated shoulder last night 

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      Next PGT I'm gonna complain about how invisible he was. May as well not even showed up.


      Might conjure a few dummies

  9. LOL @ shortys "I don't know" to an on ice player yelling "what the fk was that?" We got this PK
  10. Immigration consultants are a joke. I might be biased as my hubby is in immigration, but whole industry needs a major overhaul. I've heard countless heartbreaking stories of people being taken advantage of, encouraged to do unlawful things and pay ungodly amounts of money in order to deal with their immigration issues. How they aren't better regulated is beyond me. I hope this work out for this lady. She's been here for over half her life and from the article, appears to be a contributing and hardworking member of society.
  11. I think the research currently is very limited, but we are learning more every day. One study I found did compare the effects of vaping on alveoli: "They extracted alveolar macrophages from lung tissue samples provided by eight non-smokers who had never had asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). A third of the cells were exposed to plain e-cigarette fluid, a third to different strengths of the artificially vaped condensate with and without nicotine, and a third to nothing for 24 hours. The results showed that the condensate was significantly more harmful to the cells than e-cigarette fluid and that these effects worsened as the ‘dose’ increased. After 24 hours of exposure the total number of viable cells exposed to the vaped condensate was significantly reduced compared to the untreated cells, and condensate containing nicotine exaggerated this effect. Exposure to the condensate increased cell death and boosted production of oxygen free radicals by a factor of 50, and it significantly increased the production of inflammatory chemicals–more so when the condensate contained nicotine."
  12. As a health care professional, I have seen the negative effects of smoking cigarettes... Unless you have an underlying condition, it'll take years for a typical person to develop a chronic lung condition. However vaping seems to be a different beast. Young and otherwise relatively healthy people are developing acute inflammatory lung conditions which are extremely difficult to treat and get on top of. I think it's a misconception that vaping isnt as bad as smoking. We just don't have a full understanding of how it impacts the body. We are learning more every day, but I've told my loved ones to stay away from vaping until we know more.
  13. It shouldn't, but it takes society and especially the government a while to get with the times... There are some people being prescribed heroin now, but I hope they would know that just because they have a prescription for medical heroin, that doesn't mean they can take it with them across the border or into another country.