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  1. Which prospect are you most excited about?

    Sorry cheating a bit 1 Pettersson - His records set in the SHL should make it self explanatory 2 Demko - Should start in the AHL and trade one of the goalies midway into the season/ trade deadline to give him a a few games to get a feel for the NHL. 3 Hughes - exciting potential but will need to improve the defensive side of his game
  2. NHL 19 Thread

    Will be a work in progress for me i live off the pokecheck First game i played i got kicked after taking 5 tripping penalties in the 1st.
  3. I would honestly make this trade. Mcdavid is a generational talent that makes a highlight play almost every shift and hes only 21. If he had quality line mates that could actually receive a pass during the first half, he would easily have 120+ points this year.
  4. A few news outlets state that the shooter was Faisal Hussain https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/police-id-danforth-shooter-1.4757566?FB_Post_News
  5. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Columbus gets Fix-Wolansky. One guy that i had my eye on Watched around 20 oil king games last year and he was always a highlight player on a brutal team.
  6. Just give them a few years before you label them as "ghosts" .5ppg production during their first playoff isnt a terrible stat especially at 22 years old. Virtanen doesn't have an impressive resume either in the playoffs or big games. Just ask half of Canada how he played in the world juniors
  7. 8 points in 15 games for Nylander 7 points in 14 for Ehlers I would wait a couple years to compare the players especially how Virtanen cant even show up during regular season
  8. We did a casual monday/jersey day at our office with all proceeds going to Humboldt. Great to see support for the team all throughout Canada
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers

    This was one of those rare games, where the final score hardly mattered. This was a game where two rivals stopped and went to congratulate the other on a career well done. At the end of the day regardless of what team or league you are in, you will always be a part of the hockey family. Thank you Edmonton on an amazing game and easily the best game I have seen live From raising over $100,000 for the families of the Broncos The tribute video/ multiple standing ovations to the Sedins
  10. Canucks final game Edmonton..anyone going?

    I will be at the game section 124. Luckily enough i bought these tickets 3 weeks ago when the Oilers were on a losing streak for $75 Pretty sure it's just suites/ Lounge level that is allowed in 2 hrs early. I should know this as i do security casually for the arena :/

    Heard Edmonton might be willing to make that deal Oilers Sam Bennett Oliver Shillington (Kylington?) Troy Brouwer Flames Jujhar Khaira
  12. Wow this will make the game i am seeing in Edmonton even more special. Will try my best to give them the ovation that they deserve
  13. Edmonton Oilers - Are they broken?

    Working at Roger's Place all i can say is that Mcdavid is the only player that shows up on a regular basis and some games he takes complete control of a game. Not sure why he is getting bashed, as early on in the season he was focused on passing only for the the player to miss net or fail to receive the pass. Now that he has a quality winger in Nuge his points have been skyrocketing. The Oilers are in trouble, they have over half their salary cap (assuming 80 mill) on 6 players until 2021, 3 of which are regressing. There are just to many holes on this team: defence, goaltending both starter and backup, boneheaded management and coaching (Lucic consistently on the powerplay!?)
  14. Seems like a decent trade for both sides. But really wish we tried Subban on wing/ pp pointman before we moved on. I remember watching a Utica game last year and he was a liability. But there is no question about his offensive ability
  15. Call of Duty

    Does anyone know if there's any party game modes like infected or prop hunt?