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  1. Finally get to watch a full Canuck game.  Since im living in the UK until January. 3-1 Nucks
  2. NHL Officially launches expansion process

    I would love to see Las Vegas and Seattle have a team to even out the west. Then move Florida/ Carolina to Quebec
  3. ADSF: (1) Montreal Canadiens vs (4) Ottawa Senators

    Subban deserved it, Pointlessly attacking one of the other teams best players if he was injured what would stop the sens on doing the same. This is preventing other incidents from happening IMHO. Should of been a 10 minutes instead of a game, but it was a reckless and unneeded play
  4. [Trade] Peter Budaj to Winnipeg

    Only real logic I can think for this trade. is that they have 2 inexperienced goalies in the ahl. helleybuck looks like he will become a solid goalie based on one of the ahl preseason games ive watched. but he needs a mentor as it is his first years with the pros. if they claimed budaj they would have to wait a month before they can send him down
  5. Where will Dany Heatley wind up?

    Won't lie, I would love to give him a shot in Van. Big bodied and still has a good shot he would either be a great fit for the Sedins or chased onto the 4th line. I would gamble 1.5m. 30 points is still decent production for that price.
  6. Are you cheering for the Montreal Canadians?

    I grew up with a strong hatred towards Montreal (parents are hardcore Hab fans). I like Gorges,Price and Weise, but I can't stand PK and Gallagher. I am rooting for the Rangers, they have my favorite goalie in Lundquist and Marty St.Louis who I idolized since 2002
  7. "Failure to win gold would be a disaster" - Don Cherry

    I agree with timberz anything can happen in a short single game elimination. All it takes is one off game and Canada will be walking home empty handed. The US,Rus, and Swedes are very close to the level of Canada, while teams like Fin,Czech, and Slovakia have the talent to pull off upsets. We need to get out of the Gold or bust mentality and enjoy the show. I give the Swedes the favorites as they find chemistry faster than any other national team
  8. Valentine's Day

    The usual, tub of ice cream and crying my eyes out. Jk I'm going out with close friends and have fun
  9. No please. If that is the deal i would rather hold onto Edler and hope he finds his game when everyone is healthy and trade him in the offseason. Edler for picks /players under 25 is the only thing ill take
  10. Favorite photo of winners with Stanley Cup?

    Marty St.louis is my favorite player, so i'm a bit biased.
  11. Organizational needs in 2014 Draft Discussion

    Doubt Draisaitl falls out of top ten, but i would love to trade up to get him if he's 15th. Other than that best puck moving d available. Isn't Ho Sang suppose to be a first rounder too , would love him in the second
  12. He will probably have a similar career to Biron. Good enough to be a starter goalie for a few seasons but he will be average.
  13. [Signing] Leafs sign Mason Raymond

    Good for mayray, Raymond just didn't click in Vancouver. He needs an offensive rush team, which is exactly what the leafs are. Two complete different team visions now he is playing for a team where he can succeed, good for him.
  14. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    just got gta today. wont be able to play until christmas as i forgot my xbox home when i went to university =[
  15. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Official game map.