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  1. Hoping for crow, and have Green as assistant coach to give him experience at the NHL level and take over in 2-3 years (don't know if either would accept that role)
  2. managed to watch the game. Can tell that the tools are there for Jake, but i feel his confidence is not there quite yet which will come with time. (a few loose pucks he didn't go for and a couple passes he panicked on). May be harsh on Subban but i always felt nervous when he was on the ice and you could tell the icecaps picked his side when on the rush. In general great game. pelletier and archibald were obvious standouts. While Bachman was solid and had little chance on the 2 goals he let in
  3. Finally get to watch a full Canuck game. Since im living in the UK until January. 3-1 Nucks
  4. I would love to see Las Vegas and Seattle have a team to even out the west. Then move Florida/ Carolina to Quebec
  5. No please. If that is the deal i would rather hold onto Edler and hope he finds his game when everyone is healthy and trade him in the offseason. Edler for picks /players under 25 is the only thing ill take
  6. just got gta today. wont be able to play until christmas as i forgot my xbox home when i went to university =[
  7. Official game map.
  8. I will probably finish a couple of missions and goof around with cheats (hopefully R* adds some cool ones as is seems cheats in games are dying out)
  9. Gta V official trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZOvhlFVcxE Not alot of new information, but the Rhino tank at back. 0:52 you can see it on the bridge
  10. Some new screens Previously:
  11. Gameplay trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyU-sMZADiQ September please hurry up
  12. Suprised we didnt take Jesse Lees, plays similar to gragnani but atleast he would of had a future in the ahl.
  13. Monster University - 7 I enjoyed it but i was really hoping there would of been more college humor as I went with some friends going into first year uni. World war z - 5 Not what i was expecting at all, I was hoping it was going to be an action movie, with a quarantined city fends of hordes of zombies but instead it was a I am Legend knock off .
  14. Don't think i have ever been this excited for a game and I never preorder a game until gta v. I can't wait I strongly believe this will be the game of the 360/ps3 generation. Still a bit sketchy on the 3 player aspect, but even if the singleplayer tanks, you can parachute,explore sunken ships and do almost anything that will keep you entertained for years