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  1. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Watch Cena's speech right before Lesnar returned the next night. I'm pretty sure the exact words out of Cena's mouth at the end of the speech were something like "I'd like to acknowledge that the Rock was the better man". It is extremely rare he loses cleanly as you said, but as another poster suggested, you do appear to be reaching with this one.
  2. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    did anyone find it ironic that the Goldberg chants started on Raw last night and, as they were still going, Ryback holds up Cesaro for a good 5 seconds in the suplex position? Just like Goldberg did before the jackhammer haha
  3. NFL thread

    Pre season means nothing in my opinion. Dallas defense got a shut out
  4. NFL thread

    Anyone here have experience buying tickets for the Seahawks? Is that NFL Ticket Exchange online the best/only (i.e. cheap + secure) option for me? I live in Vancouver as you probably assumed but I've never been down for a game cause I never like the Seahawks in the past but now that they have TO I need to go to some games cause he's my favourite player. Particularly week 2 when they face my Cowboys. Also if you have an idea of price ranges and availability that would be great. Thanks in advance for any input.
  5. Canucks Memes

    haha, but 'Guzzler' is even better!!
  6. Canucks Memes

    Found this on facebook, figured it was worthy because of the rivalry.
  7. Canucks Memes

    thats pretty creepy but great
  8. Canucks Memes

  9. Canucks Memes

    No, he was talking about AV's giggle fit. I thought the same as you at first and it does sound like he is talking about Fiddler but if you watch Bieksa's interview again closely you'll see
  10. Canucks Memes

  11. Canucks Memes

    The biggest reason I look forward to finishing university
  12. Hi. Nice username. Hank's Red Hot?