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  1. * Intro Song(s) *

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tDjYuqJRJQ Probably not what most people would want but i think its got a lot of character, good lyrics for game time at least at the beginning and groovy enough to get most fans even the hipster ones into it, don't know how it would work in the arena though
  2. All players should be on the block

    +1 even if you don't like his play style (why wouldn't you though) he is probably in the top five for nicest famous/rich people to ever exist on this earth and doesn't deserve the slightest bit of hatred
  3. lol that forward lineup is pretty weaksauce, nowhere near the 2011 canuck team. Still, no reason to be a piss poor fan gotta be optimistic stick with your team through the rough patches, its kinda fun being an underdog anyway. also mad respect to oilfans for their loyalty after seeing the canucks fan base jump ship after one bad month. also 4-3 canucks, little bro is at this game for his birthday first chel game go nucks!
  4. Dan Hamhuis Makes it to Team Canada along with Luongo

    beauty! being from smithers and that our farm babysat his children i am of course biased but i think he deserves it and I am pumped!
  5. [PGT]1 second

    i totally agree i love watching them play and love them as people but just not right for a gritty playoff team
  6. hamhuis- real solid backbone of the team 28mins/game and up (31 tonight) tanev has been ok garrison and bieksa....terrible, combined -9 in last two games