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  1. Any kind of two points will do me, thanks. Long overdue a first goal of the season from Dan Hamhuis, the game winning goal would be nice! GO CANUCKS GO!
  2. Great pick - Jared will hopefully develop into a top two - way centre just like those players he admires so much. I thought yesterday was a great day for the Canucks - two great first round picks, plus Bonino, Sbisa and Dorsett being added to the roster. Our new management team seem to know exactly what they want, and more importantly, how to go about it! Looking forward to the rest of the draft today, to see who we can select with picks 36,50 and 66.
  3. Great news for Canucks fans - Jannik will continue to be a huge part of this team. Even if he never develops into a 2nd line winger, the role he plays on the 3rd line is invaluable. For what Hansen brings to the ice, £2.5M per year is definitely a steal. Until Kass comes back after his suspension, Jannik might find he's up on the first line again with the Sedins, especially if Torts wants to keep Kesler and Burrows together. Here's to a great season for Hansen and the Canucks!