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  1. Any kind of two points will do me, thanks. Long overdue a first goal of the season from Dan Hamhuis, the game winning goal would be nice! GO CANUCKS GO!
  2. I realise that this is just a bit of fun, but if Bo Horvat can keep his feet on the ground at this stage of his career, maybe we could try too? Things are looking good for Bo at the moment, and long may it continue - but let's not tempt fate.
  3. Rest in Peace, Pat. Vancouver will never forget you, and neither will the Hockey Community in general. So glad you had your Ring of Honour Night at Rogers Arena. Deeply saddened by this huge loss - condolences to Pat's family.
  4. 4 - 1 Canucks, goals from Vrbata, Bonino, Vey and Hamhuis. Well, I did predict Bieksa's first goal last game! CO CANUCKS GO!
  5. 3 - 1 Canucks, with goals from Daniel, Bieksa and Horvat. GO CANUCKS GO!
  6. All the best to Olli, for the procedure and the future.
  7. Excellent article - one of the few honest ones. Even more interesting - many of the comments added below the article demonstrated the slewed opinions of some of the ordinary citizens throughout the United Kingdom. They have been drip fed the notion that we want independence because we "hate the English". This is so far off the mark and only alienates the rest of the UK, with no truth or justification to it. We want to be able to make our own decisions and our own way in the world, without being held back by Westminster, where about 90% of the members are not from Scotland. As for the sewage being spilled by Bure to Mogilny - keep it up - you are giving all of us a good laugh! Thanks to all of you who have had positive comments to make - whether or not you are in favour of Scottish Independence. It has been interesting to hear your points.
  8. At around 7 a.m. this Friday morning, the result of the referendum will be announced. If it is a YES vote, by 7:05 a.m., the Tories will begin calling for David Cameron to resign. Perhaps Mr Cameron should be in Downing Street, packing up his belongings, rather than visiting Scotland to deliver shallow and patronising nonsense to the 99.9% of Scots who feel nothing but contempt for him. The Prime Minister claims that he will be heartbroken if Scotland achieves Independence. I'm sure his great personal wealth will allow him to buy a few boxes of Man-size Scotties (paper hankies). Good Bye David and Good Luck for the future........oh, and don't let the door hit you on the backside on your way out!
  9. I am happy to endorse the views of my fellow Scot, Scottish Canuck, with regards to next week's referendum. The lies and scaremongering over the past few weeks, being orchestrated by Westminster, has been nothing short of disgraceful. Fortunately, I feel the vast majority of Scots can see through the deception and will not be bullied by the "Better Together" campaigners into voting against Scottish Independence. Although they call themselves Better Together, it is laughable that they rarely seem to be able to agree with one another. They all seem to have different hidden agendas for keeping Scotland within the Union. For decades, if not centuries, Westminster has taken Scotland for granted. We contribute more to Westminster each year than they decide to return to us. If we become Independent, we will be able to direct our own budget as we see fit. I work as a Civil Servant (i.e. a British Government employee) My wife is a Teacher My daughter is a Lawyer My step-daughter is a Police Officer My step-son in law is a Car Mechanic We will all be voting yes next Thursday. There is no misguided sense of nationalism, no hatred of England (or Wales or Northern Ireland), no delusions of grandeur. We have all discussed the situation calmly and rationally and we all agree that Scotland will be best served with its own Government, as a fully Independent Nation. Some parts of the media have attempted to portray the Referendum as Scots being anti - English, which simply isn't true. Most of us have friends and family who are English. Next Thursday is about Scotland wanting to free itself from the stranglehold of Westminster and to finally be able to decide our own future, instead of it being foisted upon us by a Government the people of Scotland didn't vote for.
  10. Great pick - Jared will hopefully develop into a top two - way centre just like those players he admires so much. I thought yesterday was a great day for the Canucks - two great first round picks, plus Bonino, Sbisa and Dorsett being added to the roster. Our new management team seem to know exactly what they want, and more importantly, how to go about it! Looking forward to the rest of the draft today, to see who we can select with picks 36,50 and 66.
  11. Great news for Canucks fans - Jannik will continue to be a huge part of this team. Even if he never develops into a 2nd line winger, the role he plays on the 3rd line is invaluable. For what Hansen brings to the ice, £2.5M per year is definitely a steal. Until Kass comes back after his suspension, Jannik might find he's up on the first line again with the Sedins, especially if Torts wants to keep Kesler and Burrows together. Here's to a great season for Hansen and the Canucks!