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  1. I hope Smoak proves us wrong lol
  2. I knew going into off season we could only keep one and Bautista had a bad year. If he can start throwing strikes from RF and let Morales hit some dingers at DH then we'll get over it. It'll be interesting to revisit a year from now. At Rogers Centre they have a neat little setup with the bat flip gloves and bat that I would have missed.
  3. These are the risks players take entering into free agency so it is what it is. Both sides misplayed but ultimately EE had the power in his hands to make it happen. Morales is a clutch player I can't really blame them for jumping on him and I love what they did with the extra cash as well.
  4. Well that's good that's he's accepted his new team and is happy there. It sucks how it all went down but in the end I'm happy to have Kendrys Morales, have always been a fan of his. Had EE got more money I doubt he'd be saying this. Free Agency is a two way street. If you're a player then you're going to talk with other teams to be looking for the most money for your services which is fair, but at the same time your old team will also be looking to find someone who's willing to do your job for less. If your wish is to go to free agency then you're also giving the team the opportunity to replace you. I just can't believe they allowed Saltalamacchia to wear #10. Should have been an untouchable number at least for this season.
  5. Sounds like Morales is prepared for 1B -
  6. I read that too, but as long as he can at least DH it'll be alright.
  7. Lol I'm overly concerned? I replied with a sentence based on what I heard in an interview with the teams manager and it's called a precaution. Also what reason would there even be to be overly concerned? We already have another amazing defensive 3B in Barney and Donaldson will be in the line-up regardless. Don't think anyone cares that Smoak or Upton would be the casualty from all of this.
  8. Sounds like he may start the season as DH with Morales at 1B. Really depends on the calf.
  9. I hope you're right about Donaldson. And really, the Yankees are being cheap with a player? That would be the last team I'd expect that from but lately it just doesn't seem like they want to spend like they used to. "$5M is for elite closers" well that's funny because you're paying almost 4x that amount for your closer so he must be viewed as a god.
  10. I saw this comment and I lol'd.