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  1. MW1 Remaster is going to get attachments from MW2 soon. MW remastered will eventually become the remastered trilogy. Would love to be able to play MW2 on my XB1 though.
  2. Same. Zombies mode on Treyarch CoD games and raids/nightfalls in Destiny are the best coop games I've ever played.
  3. That's what I saw, but Pagan would take the spot from both. Goins > Upton otherwise
  4. Also I found this interesting. I read that Melvin Upton Jr. isn't a lock to make the team. So if we get Pagan that's who will be gone so now I'm all in for Pagan.
  5. I'm really loving the widget! I got a brand new phone that can run this stuff and it's so fast to get information from. They sent me a notification almost 2 days ago saying Pagan would sign in 48 hours (so anytime now). It was down to Blue Jays, Phillies and Tigers. We offer the best combination of playtime, chance to win and desirability. Real chance we can gran him today!
  6. Was this announced? Didn't see anything like this. Also @ChuckNORRIS4Cup theScore app is amazing, love it!
  7. Good for them! Calgary's the Alberta team I can't stand. I like what the Oilers are doing.
  8. Heard about this. Definitely picking it up. Anything to do with WW2 has me sold.
  9. He's bad and he's weird. Bad combination.
  10. I like this trade for Toronto as well. It could work out great for both teams I think.
  11. Sounds like the perfect 15th inning contingency plan lol.
  12. I remember him saying he'd be willing to go to Buffalo. The depth would be nice but lets see if he will stick with his word. Pure awesomeness. We're also fielding our best possible lineup tonight with JD hitting 3rd. Travis Martin Donaldson Bautista Morales Tulo Pearce Smoak Pillar And we got Ace #1 pitching today too! Mr Aaron Sanchez My favourite thing about this lineup is the first 7 batters and the guy in the 9 hole. #LetsRise #WeTheNorth Edit: And it's not even on TV. Awesome.
  13. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Justin Trudeau take my energy ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  14. Blue Jays have told P Mat Latos that he can either go to AAA or become a free agent again. He won't be making the MLB.
  15. Did Smoak just get a hit? Saltalamacchia 0 for 3 on stolen bases so far