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  1. Can salary be retained twice? Every team he goes to he'll be getting a paycheque from them for the next 5 years.
  2. NBA Discussion

    Hope CP3 is ok.
  3. I was doing some reading today and it sounds like his preference is to stay near the Knights. Only other team I think he'd accept an offer from is Detroit.
  4. NBA Discussion

    Good on the Cavs if they get him because right now that trade is incredibly one sided. To quote an unknown Cavs player (Probably J.R) 'Danny Ainge is a thief'
  5. Yeah I never understood Gilman. Was he a capologist? It isn't hard to lower a players salary when over 50% of the team have NTC's. Do you think Hunter would be a good fit for Vancouver? I know we have pretty good scouting but having more minds in your room and less in the competitors is good. That's only if he doesn't become the Islanders new GM that is.
  6. PlayStation 4 Thread

    God of War - 10/10. I've never given a game a 10/10 before. Best game on the PS4. Fight me. If you haven't played this masterpiece do yourself a favour and PLAY IT.
  7. Was only a matter of time before this happened to a professional African-American athlete. This is going to be a bad look for the Milwaukee police...
  8. NBA Discussion

    What a W! Called it. LeBron and Cleveland can win all their home games but they can't win in Boston.
  9. [Official] Destiny

    New DLC is alright but the core issues remain.
  10. NBA Discussion

    Yep I think so too. I'm also cheering for Celtics because they are my team and Houston out west because I want that damn dynasty dismantled already. Durant said he wont take a pay cut again so if they lose I can see them taking a step back and losing one or both of Iggy and Livingston.
  11. NBA Discussion

    Wow! Houston with the win and Curry misses the tying shot (although I think he was out of time). In other news, I was watching a video of LiAngelo Ball working out for 20 NBA teams. Dude's actually got a pretty good shot. I also noticed LaVar ball has been super quiet lately. I think he realizes LiAngelo would be easily passed on if he hyped him up to be something he's not.
  12. Dubas wanted Hunter to stay. Hunter wasn't 100% on board and Shanahan didn't want someone who expressed interest in leaving running the draft. I don't agree with that considering they don't have a high pick. I just don't see the risk and I dont think Hunter would ruin his resume.
  13. Agreed. I wonder if he goes with Lou to NYI and becomes their GM within the next year. Multiple teams wanted Dubas as their GM while Hunter didn't get an interview so I don't think there's a ton of interest out there.
  14. Hunter leaving definitely not part of the Shanaplan.