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  1. Well I just got the early access to MW Remastered on PS4 after paying the game off. Now I'm curious, since I officially have CoD 4 remastered and I'm "locked in" to my pre-order. What if I just dont go pick it up? I really DO NOT want IW. Would be nice if they sold my game and my money is back on my account.
  2. I disagree, let them suff. Also I'm sick of coming in 2nd to another team. Go Cubs
  3. I really want to see the Cubbies win it all. I called them in March winning it, they just had that feel to them.
  4. I hate this "not a baseball city" crap. We were literally the best attendance in the AL and everywhere you walk in Toronto people are wearing Jays stuff / talking about the team. EVERYWHERE YOU GO! They were extremely popular here, can't really get much better than that. And there's no way people say "Toronto can't afford X". Rogers is extremely rich and can very well afford to increase the payroll. They just dont want to. It's not CANT, it's WONT. As for this trade Pillar or any of our starters, what nonsense is this? Pillar was injured for the second half of the year and people want him gone? He's a key part of this team! Also we have the best rotation with the lowest ERA. It's foolish to suggest none of the five will be back starting. /rant
  5. Are you new to baseball? Literally every team, including Cleveland, does that. Spraying champagne everywhere is what the whole "We came to reign" thing on every teams shirt means.
  6. He needs to shut his trap. All this negative attention is awful, no way Bautista is back next year unless he actually accepts the QO
  7. This is the type of team that can just roll when going. If we manage to beat Kluber today - this series IS going to 7.
  8. What happened to him?
  9. That's so dumb. It's like they think theres no chance they can improve so they settle. Where's the self-confidence at.
  10. lol who signs a 6 year term at 3.8 per
  11. I was listening to a podcast from a guy who is close to EE (or his source is). He said that he's not interested in the Boston market and won't chase the biggest contract he can get. Location is a big thing in his decision and his number 1 choice is to stay.
  12. That's why he's my favourite Jay. I have his jersey. 9 playoffs in 11 years.. very impressive