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  1. Xbox

    NBA Discussion

    Jazz announcer bashing LeBron last night... No wonder they call it Salt Lake City
  2. This is the Leafs after they overpay a young star and see the criticism of the deal:
  3. Leafs aren't going anywhere until they trade Matthews and Nylander. "We can and we will", nah more like "We can, we shouldn't but we did anyways"
  4. I read that they're being aggressive with starters so seeing those names is nice to see. Here's to hoping we land someone good
  5. Totally agree. I think when NJ trades Hall they'll consider it, but I don't see the Rangers sending Kakko down for the ticket selling reason. Not fair to the players
  6. I don't think Hughes and Kakko should be in the NHL this year. Hate when teams don't develop their guys properly.
  7. I'd welcome KP back. Loved the guy and he enjoyed being a Blue Jay
  8. This aftermath is just crazy. Even as a Canucks fan I'm loving all this juicy news of what will be the downfall of what should be a HoF coach. I think at the time the Marner thing happened they had Lou as GM and he's not someone players, especially first year players can go to. I'm shocked Marner isn't on another team right now.
  9. Should be at least 20 because it's a pretty messed up thing to do.
  10. That's fair. Honestly I'm just strangely attached to this story to see how it plays out. There's guys from MLB Network saying if the allegations are true the punishment is going to be extreme.
  11. He does a good job at putting all the pieces of a puzzle into one short vid. I already watched the new video he put up on it. As for Cole, he is going to demand a kings ransom from any team not on the west coast.
  12. As soon as it stops being a mind game and starts being who has the best hidden technology it's a problem lol. I hope the Stros are hit hard and I think they will be. If you steal signs by unassisted means like having a RISP and they happen to catch on and spread the word then that's fine. You could do that 50 years ago. I feel like there's a substantial difference between that and planting hidden tech in parks. What I don't understand is why. Why do it? The Stros have been the best road team the last 3 years.
  13. At least he cashed in when he got the chance