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  1. Sorry, when I said overpayment I was mostly referring to the term. I really don't think he should get a 5 year deal from anyone tbh. If we got him back at the beginning for 23M I would have been fine with it in the end as that was always my bottom line. (92M) Also for the thread, I read a nice article on Pearce:
  2. I disagree that he's worth more than them. He has an injury plagued history, doesn't play a luxury position, not nearly as good defensively and isn't a captain in the locker room. Tulo and Martin both qualify for all 4 of those points and Edwin 0. Has Edwin got his team to the playoffs 9 times in his last 11 years? That's no coincidence . Martin is what drives this team to the post-season. I do believe that type of money for EE is an overpayment and MLB GM's agree considering he's still a free agent.
  3. We literally have no room for Edwin whatsoever as it stands so I'm not sure how that would even work. As for the lack of deals for them, a lot of it has to do with draft pick compensation. Also I never saw any contender spending 125M on a Designated Hitter. Of course he'd be a Jay in that scenario because that's a huge overpayment. Teams don't even want to give him 3 years x 20M. Kinzer failed miserably and honestly deserves to be fired and have no part in EE's next contract.
  4. I have always put most of the blame on Kinzer, but EE is still a small part of the problem and it's his say in the end. JB is in no position to demand anything lol. He'll have to submit to the management that he basically told to f*** off in April this year. EE always wanted to remain a Jay and get a deal done. Players who want to remain with their franchise don't turn down generous offers to test free agency.
  5. If I'm Atkins, I would be like "here Jose, need an offer? 2 x15M. It's non-negotiable"
  6. That's too funny Like it or hate it, it's starting to look a lot like Bautista will be returning next year. I have a much different opinion on EE now than I did a week ago after news surfaced about his dilemma. Morales strictly replacing EE does absolutely no harm to our line-up. Would love to see what Morales can smash in a small park.
  7. As someone who loved TLoU, you can't really judge anything from that video. It didn't look amazing nor did it look bad. The small video did it's job and that was to announce TLoU2 was in development. #Hype
  8. But Shapiro is such a cheapf*** only offering him 4x20!!1!!111! In all honestly, EE screwed up BAD and I really don't have a clue where he goes. I still think Bautista comes back. DRAFT PICK COMPENSATION FTW!
  9. You wont be saying that when his back gives out again. Edwin currently has no offers and no teams are seriously interested in signing him. Why would they pay Price all that money just to rack up L's when it matters? Price's situation is completely irrelevant to Jose and Edwin. Shapiro offered Edwin the most money and term out of any team so far ffs and are currently talking contract with Joey Bats. Getting really tired of people throwing them under the bus when they're not even doing anything wrong. We can't make the big trade like the Red Sox due to our previous GM depleting the farm. Bautista will be back almost guaranteed due to being tied to draft pick compensation. As for EE, his agent is a moron. Maybe, just maybe, our 2 primadonna sluggers are the ones at fault for not having a new contract? Bautista would be back if he wasn't such an asshole in one of his first meetings with our new management saying "it's non-negotiable" and Edwin would be back if he wasn't so greedy. I dont want to hear anymore on how EE is worth more than 4x20 because he's clearly not. He was an idiot for turning down such a generous offer. Thankfully Shapiro and Atkins are smarter than armchair GMs. As for Morales, Rogers Center vs. Kansas City Royals ballpark. Huge difference.
  10. That was Baltimore, not Boston. But I don't see a fit on Boston tbh. DH: Ramirez, 1B: Moreland, RF: Betts If we get JB back, we don't need to trade to replace Edwin Encarnacion and I doubt they're considering that. We have Morales as our DH. I heard Colorado is an option for EE. If so, I'd take that #11 pick but theyre probably just having minor talks.
  11. It was actually Joey Bats' agent that approached Atkins and said they'd be flexible because Bautista wants to re-sign. BOS and LAD are also linked, but I doubt they want to forfeit a draft pick.
  12. Honestly if EE is the only one we lose, Morales fills 90% of that. I doubt EE has a year like he just had tbh.
  13. Local media reports that Jays are talking contract with manager John Gibbons.
  14. Time and Place dude...
  15. Sox had to do something to match our rotation. Now lets match their offence plz