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  1. [PGT] Canucks 3, Wild 2

    Yeah, I love watching our young guys execute plays like this. It's a breath of fresh air because after 2012 I thought it would be a while to see the team the way it is today. Im thankful for that.
  2. [PGT] Canucks 3, Wild 2

    It was a good game and fun to watch as always. Maybe 2011 made me change my view on the Canucks and hockey, but I'm starting to really enjoy it more for the entertainment value instead of investing in wins. Win or lose, I like watching the Sedins and the young guys who will shape the team in the years to come play everyday. Im enjoying every minute of it. I hate Minnesota so it was a sweet win.
  3. I'd still put it at 50/50. Not every athlete wants as much money as they can get. 125 Million or 250 Million would set you for life.  I read even Josh Donaldson doesn't really care about his salary. He even said he's just grateful he can see a comma in the paycheque he gets for doing what he loves and that he wants to retire in Toronto. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I wouldn't count the Jays out. I'd actually put them at the top right now. He wants top $$$ from other clubs, but willing to negotiate with the team he wants to play for. The sportsnet article I linked says the opposite, but I honestly dont think it's that valid due to the outdated video. I think someone just slapped a new date on an old article.
  4. MTL GM Bergevin signs contract extension

    One of the best GMs in the league. Guy deserves it.
  5. I saw this on Sportsnet today But the video they used isn't recent so idk 
  6. Condon for Riemer ?

    Reimer is playing pretty good right now. If he stays healthy it'll be a good trade.
  7. Condon for Riemer ?

    EDIT: DP
  8. PlayStation 4 Thread PS4 will be getting PS2 backwards compatibility. EDIT: Almost a week later and I thought this would have a ton of people talking. Maybe I'm the only one who's happy they get to play their large ps2 library of games scaled in 1080p. That means Jak and Daxter games :-)
  9. Fallout 4

    Missle Launcher: 25% more damage against everything .50 Sniper: Deals double damage I got a couple others I can't recall really, but the above 2 are my best. Basically playing this game on very hard trying to get good legendaries. Not too bad so far.
  10. Xbox One Thread

    I havent even played my xbox since this new update came out. It's basically a netflix machine now. Although I hear Black Ops will be backwards compatible soon which is awesome. I love split screen zombies.
  11. Fallout 4

    I have a legendary .50cal sniper that shoots two bullets at once dealing double damage, but only uses up 1 bullet. I play on Very Hard so I come across legendary enemies often enough
  12. Fallout 4

    I dont really care for armour to be honest. I have stimpacks for days. Maybe if I find a cool set ill use it. I dont like using it because of weight lol
  13. Please update your Facebook profile picture to show support for Paris :-)

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    2. Xbox

      I'm not sure, but I'd like to hope so. It just shows awareness and support.

  14. Fallout 4

    I understand it from that perspective, but I just dont want to be limited with my items. I like having everything and then playing on Hard/Very Hard. I find that more fun than using crappy weapons with limited ammo and being poor on Normal. I have a sweet Settlement and everything I could want and the game is still very challenging since I upped the difficulty.