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  1. Bought this game for PC on the steam summer sale. Feels like a completely different game. The love is back <3
  2. Not even mad anymore, Vilardi dropped hardcore.
  3. Vilardi with our next pick :D?
  4. Dafuq no one took Vilardi yet
  5. Vilardi still available?? Please dont screw this up.
  6. So 2 for 6,15 and exposure insurance? Interesting. Didn't see this on Icebreaker at all though so doubt it has any real weight
  7. can't say I'm surprised.
  8. LOL! Pharah OP? Sounds like a classic case of 'get gud'
  9. Alright everyone, tonight is a MUST WIN game. There is no way we can blow yet another opportunity to go .500. I'll be streaming this while watching Vegas pick their team.
  10. I saw a rumour that Stars have deal in place with LV to take Lehtonen. If that's true, I can see them passing on Fleury for a better skater.
  11. I guess Reinhart wasn't the player he was hyped up to be if he's being exposed, same with Ryan Murray and Nail Yakupov. That's 3 of the top 4 picks all in the same draft year. Weak.
  12. Interesting. I like your second option. I may be wrong because I'm only going off the top of my head, but if the team reverted to 28 teams I'd say axe Phoenix, Carolina and maybe Florida (unless there's a less profitable franchise or LV tanks). It looks like you thought it out more than me though!