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  1. After that NY - Miami trade I'm all aboard team rebuild.
  2. Rogers are so uninvested that they don't even know if they want to keep the team.
  3. Can't think of one tbh. Whoever it is I would bet the payroll goes down.
  4. [Report] Hurricanes to be sold

    I think the Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers are up there as well. I wouldn't put them on the same level as Calgary, Winnipeg or Ottawa.
  5. Bell, Scotiabank, Loblaws and MLSE are all I can think of. Sounds like Rogers wants to keep the broadcasting rights. That's where most the money is made so I don't see a willing buyer. Anything but MLSE would be bad news to us fans. MLSE owns the Toronto FC, Raptors and Maple Leafs.
  6. The thing I like about Reddit is you avoid these fake rumours that are unavoidable on those platforms.
  7. Lol so fake. Post this on either Oilers or Habs subreddit and you will be roasted.
  8. Hope MLSE buys them. It's plausible too since Rogers has a 37.5% share. They seem to spend top dollar on their teams and own every other major team in the area. Rogers selling the team would be a bad thing. Unless the fans luck out with a new owner (MLSE) our payroll will go down.
  9. You should have seen some of the Yankees fans on Reddit when the Ohtani news broke out. My god I have never seen so much salt and entitlement at once before.
  10. Get @StealthNuck to change if from 'Hydration' to 'Cheers'

    They might not even get an NHL team. I know they're after NBA as well and since they lost their franchise that'd be my top priority if I'm Seattle. I just don't see how Seattle could support both NHL and NBA teams.
  12. NHL 18 Thread

    I actually enjoy NHL17. This game just sounds like a dumpster fire. Was going to get it when it was half price but opted not to.
  13. Awful to hear about Zaun.
  14. I'd 8 - 3 an Oilers fan right now

  15. [GDT] Around the NHL | November (19-25) 2017

    They lost 8-3 I'd 8 - 3 an Oilers fan right now