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  1. That's pretty messed up. The last few years have been an absolute disaster.
  2. It actually was him lmao. He owned up to it and apologized. Unreal.
  3. Blue Jays re-sign SP Marco Estrada for 1yr at $13M.
  4. That sucks. Seems like every retailer not named Wal-Mart is going out of business.
  5. That magical place is known as Robidas Island
  6. I believe the NHL changed their site and their teams sites to this new format. Although it's been a while since the change, I still hate it so much. I'd much rather have the older format back. Unfortunately I don't think Stealth has any say for the main Canucks site as it's probably run by the NHL. I barely even go to anymore. It's awful now.
  7. Don't talk to me or my son ever again!
  8. Saw this on reddit and had a good laugh. Thought CDC would appreciate this
  9. Yeah I know we're stuck with him. Would love to use his giant salary elsewhere though.
  10. Oh absolutely!
  11. Yep agreed. Last year we were just missing some pieces. This year we're missing some pieces and have to get rid of some pieces.
  12. I'm not a fan of Tulowitzki making 20M anymore.
  13. @ChuckNORRIS4Cup F*ck the Red Sox
  14. Shut up Ron. Don't act like your better than every other non-playoff team because your team was gifted a top pick. Obviously you don't have to tank if you're being given top prospects.
  15. I think they can beat the Indians or Sox for the WS. I don't see them beating LA though.