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  1. Signed and will replace Rosen because sitting a young kid as a healthy scratch instead of sending them to the AHL isn't right.
  2. Shame the MLB isn't the NBA because they'd make sure this matchup happened
  3. Hope Draisaitl comes back soon. Never like to see someone go down with a concussion.
  4. This is a different guy but just as nuts
  5. Reminds me of the guy who claimed to be from the future and said we'd see Aliens in 2018 lol
  6. Anaheim has 33M in salary on the IR including Getzlaf and Kesler. Habs couldnt even beat half an NHL team.
  7. The NHL minimum suspension should be 2 games. What's the point of just 1? If a player was ejected from a game and got a misconduct but the play wasn't bad enough to warrant a 2 game suspension then theres no reason why they should have a suspension added to their record.
  8. Current meta is MIDA + Uriel's Gift
  9. GO CANUCKS Confident we'll take this and the next game :-)
  10. Wait.... that ball wasn't a foul!?
  11. Dodgers Yankees would be a wicked series. I say this every year, but I don't like how the away team gets 3 in a row in the CLS. After 5 games played in the CLS the away team has more home games played than the home team. It just doesn't make sense to me. NHL and NBA do it right with the 2-2-1-1-1.
  12. Both goalies having an off night... a coaches nightmare. 2nd period will be interesting.
  13. so 4 goals on first 5 shots? The F**k