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  1. Wait.... that ball wasn't a foul!?
  2. Dodgers Yankees would be a wicked series. I say this every year, but I don't like how the away team gets 3 in a row in the CLS. After 5 games played in the CLS the away team has more home games played than the home team. It just doesn't make sense to me. NHL and NBA do it right with the 2-2-1-1-1.
  3. Both goalies having an off night... a coaches nightmare. 2nd period will be interesting.
  4. so 4 goals on first 5 shots? The F**k
  5. Rask injured today in practice so B's might have to use backup. I'm going to say 3-2 Vancouver
  6. I'm against the NHL becoming larger than 32 teams, but I've always wondered why there was no NHL in Houston. But with how good the Astros and Rockets are right now, is it really the best time to introduce one?
  7. Unless there was a post from a long time ago that blew up that I forgot about, my highest reputation on CDC from 1 post is +60
  8. People actually think no one was shot? I know someone who was at that event and was shot.
  9. I wish I had a 2nd favourite MLB team. I tried to like the Mets but honestly I couldn't care less for them I just liked Thor. I guess for now my #2 is Houston due to all the support they have showed the Blue Jays the last couple playoff runs I would love to see them win. Even on r/baseball and the rest of baseball reddit the two fanbases love each other, and we've dubbed them as 'Astrobros'. I do think LA will win it though. So stacked. I don't think the Cubs have a chance against LA, and a lot of their fans feel the same. The team is just out of gas and that Game 5 vs. Nationals killed them. As for the Jays, I hope they can come back. It's sad that they went from the best to the worst pro team in Toronto in the span of 2 years. I've been to games as long as I can remember, will always love the Jays.
  10. McDavid and Crosby vs Kane and Matthews. It's ok NHL, I didn't want to watch the olympics anyways..
  11. Trouba hit when Edmonton played the Oilers.
  12. Did you Matthews 2 goals against Montreal tonight? It was insane!
  13. Harper is not worth $400M. A player making that doesn't strike out to an overworked pitcher when it's do or die. Bottom 9th - Washington's 2nd and 3rd out both came off of striking out from what would have been a walk. Washington teams always choke.
  14. It got them 1 playoff win after winning the division twice and a new manager LOL. Not Farrell's fault his star pitchers choke in the playoffs. It was beautiful to watch though. Houston fans are really excited they're playing NYY and not playing Cleveland. They were really scared to play the Tribe and now they're ecstatic. Be careful what you wish for...
  15. I need to remind everyone that everything will be ok. The Red Sox are still out!