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  1. If you would have said Tanev, this proposal would be a lot more realistic.
  2. Love you Monty, keeping it real as always!
  3. This 100%! I don't understand why people hate on Kes here. Lets go Ducks!
  4. Why is everyone saying 'he wont be unemployed for long'? He's not unemployed.
  5. Trailer just hit... Game looks absolutely unreal. Haven't even liked a CoD game since BO2 (which I still play) but this one is going to be good. I'd consider purchasing MWR one of my worst gaming decisions in recent times.
  6. That's actually hilarious!
  7. Unreal. I guess it's because Barney and Goins are already replacing others at 2B and SS. At least Russ has been hitting again lately.
  8. Really? You minus me over that and then reply with an 'lol'? I'm all sorts of confused.
  9. Hopefully we get into it soon. Ton of injuries atm.
  10. It's what gets them the most hits whether you like it or not. If you don't like TSN why do you follow them or use their website? That's what makes no sense to me.
  11. I needed this, thanks Although all 3 of those teams have a '#1 overall Super Star' pick as well though. Stamkos, Tavares, Ekblad.
  12. Sigh.. on to St. Louis we go. Going to be honest with you all. If this team plays in May the way it has this April then I'm going to start to panic. Why do I feel like we're going to lose a game to Brett Cecil this series?