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  1. Yeah true, he put in work against EDM. Didn't have an answer for Nashville though.
  2. I like Kes but do so much? He didn't score this series and he didn't shut RyJo92 down either when he was playing. He was irrelevant. I feel very bad for Juice, but happy for Rinne, Fisher and PK
  3. That line hasn't had the magic it had last year, but if that line gets going then it'll be up to Rinne.
  4. Same could be said about Penguins defense though. It could go either way. Nashville has two legit top pairings. Idk if a team has ever had an answer for both Malkin and Crosby before. Smashville winning a cup or Pens repeating, both would be great to see.
  5. Thanks! What a giant group of people who voted Preds in 6.
  6. Even more impressive because it's our backup catcher
  7. MLB was apart of the decision.
  8. This is the first place I've seen this so far. Well done, Beary!
  9. The braves fans are suggesting they go after 'their MVP 1st baseman, Justin Smoak with a nice 99mph fastball' Seriously, any idiot fan hoping their team hits a player with a 99mph fastball isn't mentally sane.
  10. Don't tell Rangers fans that!
  11. It happens all the time, only few owners like Cuban can admit it. The only recent tank in hockey I can think of was the 2015-16 Maple Leafs. If there's anymore then let me know. I think Edmonton just legitimately sucked.