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  1. James vanRiemsdyk said the same thing about NYR.
  2. So Montero, is it still Arrieta's fault?
  3. They completely ruined the game with the patch earlier in the year. I'll check out the Destiny 2 beta on Wednesday.
  4. I wouldn't mind getting Travis Dermott, he's a good defence prospect. Dermott + JVR + 1st (2018) so I see a trade still there, just not with Liljegren.
  5. I found that surprising as well but if you can get a good return do it.
  6. Interesting read. Sounds like we are open to any type of trade including taking on salary for assets. Our untouchables seem to be Sanchez, Stroman, Pillar, Donaldson and Osuna. Everyone else is available.
  7. 2 good units again
  8. I was thinking about this last night. At least my thought is plausible lol. JVR is a deflection machine, we need someone like him on PP. Haven't had that since Kesler.
  9. Would you trade Horvat for Gardiner + KHL player? Your answer to this question is Toronto's answer to this proposal.
  10. He's signed for the next 9 years
  11. I don't think any of them will but if I was forced to pick one I'd probably say Marner.
  12. He probably will be after this year.
  13. If it doesn't work out, Lou the mafia man will have Marleau sent to Robidas Island and he and his cap hit will magically disappear. Seriously, look it up it's funny.
  14. Pacific Division playoff team lost one of their top guys. San Jose will be at the bottom looking up. That really sucks for San Jose. Toronto is an odd fit unless other moves happen.