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  1. Hypothetical question here, because this has me curious. Could an RFA who wants the longest term possible sign a 1 year deal, then an 8 year deal immediately after if the team also wants long term? Would love to see that happen!
  2. Agreed. I have no idea how 34 would work so I don't even want to think about that. 32 and 28 is what makes sense division wise. Quebec shouldn't get an expansion franchise. If they got a team it should be a relocation of NYI or Carolina.
  3. 34 teams is way too much and makes 0 sense. NHL should be the last league to have that many teams, not the first. We have enough players in the NHL that shouldn't be. Talent pool is already thin.
  4. A rival team to a playoff/wild card team could also block the trade. If an AL East team blocked it, my guess would be Orioles. EDIT: It was the NY Yankees...
  5. Must have been a bottom feeder because Gibbons came out and said Estrada isn't going anywhere at all.
  6. RIP
  7. You hate the Yankees more than the Red Sox? I don't like the Yankees but I hate the Red Sox.
  8. Burmistrov is my pick
  9. I'm pretty much in this boat now. If a team needs an RD we'd have to compete with VGK so probably best to keep Tan Man.
  10. Jays fan first, baseball fan second. So since Jays are out of contention I've been hoping players like Judge smash HR's. Don't want Boston winning the division though.
  11. Not really, but Steve Pearce has a pretty sick nickname.
  12. Yankees are good at drafting so that's fair. Your next superstar was developed from within. Toronto can retain and pay players better than most teams (only can think of 7-8 ahead of us) but our last GM gutted our farm system pretty bad and we're not looking too good in the near future. Seeing our new front office flip Hutchinson and Liriano for some good pieces is impressive though and definitely helps the farm. It's pretty obvious Baltimore is losing Britton and Machado while we at least have a fair chance of retaining Donaldson and our young pitchers so there are teams that are definitely much worse off than us. For what it's worth, I don't like NYY but I absolutely hate Boston and Baltimore.
  13. Yugioh as a kid, southpark and family guy after that
  14. I mean it may work out for us, but I really don't like the idea of trading with Edmonton. I'd also love if our next captain is Canadian.