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  1. Where does Toronto go from here?

    They're technically still rebuilding. A lot of Babcock's decisions lately are questionable. Not sure why Komarov plays 24 minutes a night when he's essentially a 4th liner when they have a solid Top 9 guy in Brown on the 4th line. That defence needs a lot of work. Whether it's internally developing guys, trading or free agency that defence is not nearly good enough. Gardiner and Polak aren't very good. Dermott looks promising though. They're getting Zaitsev back soon so getting a Top 4D back will at least help somewhat. I doubt they go for Tanev, that's to expensive via trade. Plus why would Vancouver want to trade Tanev.
  2. pc help if possible

    You should use HWMonitor to monitor temps. For what it's worth my GPU regularly gets to 85C but thats normal for that card but even it can't go past 90C. That does seems extremely high.
  3. pc help if possible

    @SabreFan1 He's amazing with PC's. Helped me build mine and get the right software installed on it
  4. Giants trade for Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutchen. I figured he'd be moved after the Pirates traded Cole. Also @ChuckNORRIS4Cup no one will take that Ellsbury contract lol.
  5. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild

    Boeser about to hit us with another hatty to make up for these games.
  6. [Report] Andrew Cogliano suspended 2 games

    Fair enough. They should rename it from ironman streak to something else then.
  7. [Report] Andrew Cogliano suspended 2 games

    Pretty silly this ends it... being suspended doesn't mean you're not an ironman.
  8. NFL thread

    Not as legit as Philadelphia's
  9. NFL thread

    We've come a long way.
  10. Probably their 1st. They won't need it since Dahlin isn't French Canadian
  11. (Rumour) Habs desire French Canadians, willing to destroy their future to acquire them.
  12. So the absolute best case scenario this season for the Jays is getting 2nd WC and playing against Boston in Fenway. Beautiful, can't wait for Baseball!
  13. Nice to see that deal finally done! NYY almost got him too, but Houston upped the offer.
  14. Reilly doesn't need to be re-signed for a long time. As for the rest I'm still interested to see how they will do that. I for one don't think Nylander's future in TO is set in stone for those reasons. If someone was the odd man out for salary issues it'd be Willy. It'll be interesting to see what they do July 1 with those 3 contracts.
  15. You're correct. He said something along the lines of 'you make exceptions for exceptional players'
  16. After looking at their reddit they don't seem to care at all. He's going to be signed this July before Lou retires. If he hated where he plays he wouldn't have signed that sponsorship.
  17. Toronto will match anything though. Overpaying your franchise player by $2M won't ruin your team. You're making it sound like Arizona could just take him. If it was that easy then Toronto would have McDavid. There's absolutely no truth or rumour to him wanting to leave whatsoever. All signs point to him wanting to be there.
  18. Arizona has lots of problems. Toronto is going to pay Matthews like 13M. Arizona won't be able to afford that. I follow him on Insta. He's great friends with a lot of the other players on the team and is extremely close with Mitch Marner. He seems to be very happy there.
  19. Agreed, I hope there's a major signing. Something that brings momentum.
  20. Yeah I guess it really depends on how the team does this season. Here's hoping we can see Donaldson retire here.
  21. NBA Discussion

  22. Jays avoid Arbitration with Donaldson and give Donaldson more than what he would have gotten in arbitration. I'm happy because it shows a sign of good faith from management. Also Tulo is no longer our highest paid player. Donaldson also told the Jays he doesn't want to be traded and said he's flattered by other teams interest in him but has 0 desire to leave Toronto. The guys a keeper. I know some baseball players don't want to play in TO but as long as 1 out of 30 do we're fine. I know we won't get JDMartinez but that would be such a lovely f**k you to Boston. I also think adding him + staying healthy would give us a good shot at #1 Wildcard, but I guess you can say that about a lot of teams when adding a player like Martinez.
  23. Lou Lamoriello will have him signed this summer. He won't come close to RFA.
  24. Where do these rumours come from? It would be all over reddit if true. He seems to love his teammates and playing there. Even signed a sponsorship deal with Scotiabank
  25. There is no case. ESPN is awful and shouldn't even talk about hockey. They just look stupid.