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  1. I must admit, I was expecting an Ireland win overall but not nearly that comfortable in Estonia, best of luck to them in Dublin, not that they will need it by the looks of it!! Just hope England get them in the groups!!
  2. When I used to live in Burnaby and whenever I come to visit family in VanCity I always go an see a Caps game, not been to one in the MLS yet though which is a shame!! Hopefully next season!
  3. I'm more interested in England Vs. Spain tomorrow, a great test for the Three Lions against the World and European Champions.......come on England!! Also good luck to The Republic of Ireland!
  4. - awesome
  6. Although I am a Stockport County fan I do quite like believe it or not Celtic AND Aberdeen, Rangers are the only team I can't stomach, I've always liked Celtic for the simple reason is they were the team I picked on FIFA 2005 as my starter team and just sorta stood by them, Aberdeen were my elected 'Scottish Team' without being patronising, like I imagine you lot may have English teams you like more than others but living in Stockport, which if you don't know is just a few miles down the road from Manchester, I saw first hand what the Rangers fans did in Manchester and it was disgusting so I've always hated them and I once got attacked by some Rangers fans for being Catholic.......can you believe some people can be so bigoted!!