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  1. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    Any chance you could replace McCann for Juolevi?
  2. Olli Juolevi | D

    Jack of all trades rather than a elite for one purpose. Probably the safest bet of the dmen.
  3. Who do we draft with the 5th pick? Poll

    Benning hinted at not taking a dman by saying he doesn't think there is a #1 dman in the draft, but only a few solid #2's. He'll likely take the BPA at 5 which will be a forward. I'm hoping for Tkachuk
  4. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    I literally just found this. Belated thanks VC this is great!
  5. Your sig is done. Check it out in the thread!

  6. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    I'd like to request a sig if possible. With the pictures of McCann, Baertschi, and Hutton I'll leave the rest of the details in your hands
  7. You beat me to it. Do more research into Bernie and it will only soludify the fact that he's the only person even remotely qualified to bring the change needed in your mind. I personally have zero faith in any other candidate.
  8. Yo momma sooo fat. When she jump for joy... she gets stuck.
  9. Someone outgoing from the Fraser Valley should come be a guest on my podcast.

    1. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      I'm from the FV but i'm not outgoing.

    2. thejazz97


      I'm not from FV.

  10. Ranking The Cdn Teams

    Potential for Cup soon: Mtl, Ott, Cal, Van, Win, Edm, TO. Best team in 5 yrs: Winn, Van, Edm, Cal, Ott, Mtl, TO.
    1. Incursio


      "Listening to that Vancouver tandem for play by play, it makes me realize that we are spoiled by having Ball and Hrudey."


    2. Odd.



  11. Jared McCann Talk

    I've tried to temper my expectations for him this season.. but yes, he absolutely has earned the 9 game showing. He's been the best forward prospect and Hutton has been the best defensive prospect. Virtanen hasn't disappointed though, he's played his game and got some points. For sure McCann has earned a further look though. If he makes the team I'm buying his jersey. Case closed.
  12. Jared McCann Talk

    I don't see McCann making the team while Virtanen doesn't. They both bring different attributes but that's just politics imo. It's a stretch for both of them to make it but if either of them do it will likely be Virtanen just because we need what he brings more urgently.