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  1. Think it says an astonishing amount about the actual knowledge re: the rest of the league on this board when people see this dude's 5'8" and instantly say no, despite the fact he's better than the majority of the players in Vancouver's system. Yes, the rumour isn't true, but $&!#ting on the dude simply because of his size goes to show how gated some of you are when it comes to the league.
  2. Can't the higher price for these dudes be blamed on the lower dollar, though? That's only 2.1m for Dorsett south of the border
  3. This section is for prospects and the Comets.
  4. 5'11/190lbs is now the smallest player possible? Also, the Canucks aren't Boston. Use your bloody head. We don't need to get bigger... Jesus.
  5. NHL 15 says they're soooo valuable, though!
  6. Lol. Keep the 2nd so we can hope to draft someone like Sven Baertschi with it, right?
  7. inb4 people who don't know $&!# about Baertschi giving their EDUCATED OPINION on how this is an awful trade Great trade. He'll do well.
  8. https://twitter.com/SInow/status/512353966969982976 Cardinals RB Johnathan Dwyer has been arrested for beating his wife
  9. Why does every single move here get 99% opposition from armchair GMs? As if you know better because you play NHL 14



      did you see all the draft pick commentary the other day? embarrassing. as if these people have even seen the kids play

    2. Chael P. Sonnen
    3. Grape


      There's a difference between thinking differently and disagreeing with something. You can like/not like some transactions and have an opinion against it, but it's just ignorant when someone goes out and says its a "bad" or "terrible" move.

  10. Because this team isn't tanking. They're going to try and go for the playoffs. They may be retooling, but there's no reason that an Olympic goaltender on a good contract wouldn't benefit playoff chances and be a great mentor for Lack.
  11. Yeah, let's ignore the facts where Miller played on BUFFALO. The god damn SABRES. Also, to people wanting Hiller... He did WORSE than Miller while on the best team in the West and got chased by a 20 year old goalie
  12. Because Wikipedia is open source
  13. And Pierre LeBrun, someone who isn't a god damn HOCKEYBUZZ writer, says they gave up a lot
  14. We got a top 4 d-man and a guy who's better offensively than Kesler, AND a first round pick. This is somehow bad..?
  15. Bonino had a better season this year than Kesler has had in the last 3 years. We got the better player.