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  1. not at all , even though Semin is ridiculous , he still plays hockey and takes hits on a regular basis , unlike C. Ronaldo who keeps throwing himself on the ground and fakes injuries to try to get whistles ....
  2. C'mon let's not compare soccer to men sports :D sorry couldn't resist, that was my trolling of the day have fun guys
  3. This happens in every sport anyway. What sucks about Italy winning is that ITALY wins .... and they are such D*rt bags :D
  4. likes to add a possession to bananas ( " banana's " )
  5. apparently likes japanese animes
  6. has been arround lately =D
  7. is crazy about Rome , prolly loved his hit on Horton :D
  8. takes it easy
  9. true, is lucky to be right about the statement above.
  10. haha so true ... apparently likes the old Ducks and Selanne
  11. likes Pokemons
  12. is totally right PS : I can't wait for the game to start
  13. is making me wish I had a good day
  14. Well , I dunno if he's living by the expectation but Bieksa doesn't suck Oo Though I do agree on the fact that giving him a 5 year NTC deal was not necessary and exagerated.... You seem to be mad at him lol