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    I might play in the near future. But for now, I'm still on a Mafia hiatus.
  2. I would love to play, especially since it's your first time hosting(?), but have to take a break for a while.
  3. I'd like to thank Aladeen for hosting this game. My Mafia teammates, especially the OGs Heffy, Qwags AV, for recruiting bassi and me. Lewt and TL helped make it all possible, wouldn't have survived without them. Thanks you to BW for those arguments, you got me a couple of times, I'd like to think I got you a few times, in the end though, everybody wins! Except for the TP. I played this style to change it up, see how it went and I was genuinely surprised I survived as long as I did. Maybe I was so obvious that people doubted a Mafia could be this obvious? I won't play this style again if I return, that much is for sure. GG.
  4. Are we still going to be using the term "CLing"?
  5. We argue together, we try to lynch one another together, so it's only fitting
  6. Was looking up what twtbw meant, came across this thread: Go to first page, see Beluga Whale It was destiny I tell you
  7. Means you had your BW blinders on
  8. Hey man, at least I could say I made a name for myself in the Mafia world
  9. Yeah, listen to you now, when SK could've listened to me rounds ago, brilliant.
  10. Yeah, listen to you now, when SK could've listened to me rounds ago, brilliant.
  11. So yeah, ofc when I suggest it people aren't here. But when BW even hints at one (past rounds), it's a damn bandwagon party