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  1. Thread Titles 5 Years From Now?

    o F bomb i hope not.
  2. Thread Titles 5 Years From Now?

    hmmm, where have i seen this before...OH YEAAAAH
  3. bored in kentucky, affraid my teeth are too straight for the like of this neck of the woods

    1. sdnucksfan


      someone just reccomended that, im going to try and make it to the makers mark distillery and louisville slugger factory.

  4. Jannik Hansen

    now youre just mad your sensational b.s. claims are wrong and what AV has done has worked. and that goes for the ballard and rome moves. ballard had his shot, he failed, so far rome is working better. burrows is injured and hansen was given his shot and it has worked. everyone is a pet project of AV, hes the damn coach, thats his job, especially this early in the season when the whole goal is finding your best lines and getting some chemistry going. stop trying to cover your ass, accept you were wrong in spouting off at the mouth 2 weeks in to the season.