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  1. Cole Cassels | C

    This would be a good line for the Comets next year. Hunter Shinkaruk- Cole Cassels- Jake Virtanen Hunter is a finesse player with speed and goal scorer Cole is a good two way center with playmaking abilities Jake Virtanen has size, speed and goal scoring capabilities The 2011 Cup team had one thing in common, all the players were around the same age. Allow some time for this team to grow and you would have to say Cup contenders in around 5 years. We just need a marquee defenceman thrown into this fold. Subban or Hutton? I think a trade or draft steal is where our defenceman comes from. Hopefully Dempko can fill the goalie shoes
  2. Who will Benning draft?

    Draft Ritchie at 6th overall. Make a trade and try to get Alex Tuch right after. Get some character guys with size and draft smaller in later rounds. Edler and Kesler trade will turn the fortunes of our team. Exciting days for Canuck Fans cause the future is coming
  3. Canucks 2nd rounder 36th overall

    I keep talking picks with my buddies and nobody says Nick Ritchie. i honestly think he would be the kind of player we need cause our division has so many big players in California. Edmonton's small team can't cut it against big teams. Boston rules the roost in the East cause of their size. We have an older and smaller team. If we are gonna take a chance, then take a chance on this kid. We need more Canadian's than US and Euro's. Nothing against them but if things don't go there way they want out. We need some Canadian heart.