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  1. Cole Cassels | C

    what a cool pic. Cole Cassels born to be a Canuck. is it just me. But looking at the playoffs in the OHL outside of 4 lottery picks our prospects are the next best players.
  2. Listen to the last part of JB's interview. Sbisa was a UFA after next season. If they qualified him at 2.6 for one year what do you think they would have to pay if he plays solid next season as a top 4/5 then becomes a UFA? It's just sticker shock. Free Agents get big money and if you want to retain these players without NTC's your gonna pay. I agree about Dorsett.....optically it would have been wise to push a little harder for him to fit under those two. The media will have some fun with this one.
  3. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    In my viewing. The first few games he looked like he was laboring with his left leg. Definitely had a hitch in his stride. Shifts were short, looked tentative. Could be why as a right shot he wasn't attempting to step into any shots either. Just an observation. If anyone was at the games or is closer to the team they could maybe shed some light on it? Oh and I'm not making excuses for him. I just noticed a big uptick in his play as the series went on.
  4. JB definitely paid market value. Personally I feel there worth it because they both bring toughness and intangibles. Defenseman make crazy money if they can play big minutes. Look around it's just the way it is. Dorsett I would have really liked to be priced below Hansen and Higgins. Even 2.4 would have made better optics. Can't really say he didn't earn it though. Free Agents just get massively overplayed and this was a case of a player perhaps JB should have signed at the seasons beginning. I'm happy he's here.....real good grinder. Detroit used to pay Maltby and McCarty handsomely because you want to have quality bottom 6 performers.
  5. bingo. someone gets it
  6. Ben Hutton Talk

    ^^^ yes I agree. Bieksa has been the ultimate teammate and Canuck. A true warrior that elevated his game come playoffs, played hurt, trained and worked to improve throughout his career and is one of the best character's to wear the uniform. His future should be interesting.....If he will take a discount he probably will be kept as a character veteran to mentor the young guys, if not we'll he certainly could make a lot more on the open market. I think Kevin is smart enough to realize that although he may make less short term there's a good chance long term he could make more as a part of the organization. I don't think Hutton's future effects Bieksa as much as Hamhuis. At this point that discussion is along ways away....Any reports on his game last night?
  7. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW's not a bad comparison in the fact you have two players that have a huge amount of raw untapped potential, both are shoot first fast powerful guys that love to hit and are a pain in the ass to play fact Kesler was a really good winger when he played there. Midfield???
  8. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    ^^^ I agree JR but why not start tonight. Have a solid stretch run and a great playoffs. He's got the build for it. Of all our prospects Jensen is the one i have to eat my words for. Such an intriguing package of skills and such a hugely inconsistent performer. Jeez at 18 AV was drooling, Bob McKenzie had mad love for him as well. Jensen has some massive confidence and consistency issues. Gotta figure it out soon...Time is a ticking.
  9. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    ^^^ works for Jeff Carter. It seems a lot of posters think that Jake should be doing button hooks tight turns and skating east west darting through players threading sauce all over. Jake is a NorthSouth power His speed, shot and size and strength are 100% NHL transferable. He won't have a problem getting to the net where most goals in the NHL are scored. He's the compliment to a skilled center and a much more desirable player than an undersized skilled euro IMO. He must improve his puck protection if he wants to be a top 6 NHLer. I would rather say that than....he's gotta get a lot stronger to get to the scoring areas or improve his skating enough to be effective. I would caution against comparing junior production to NHL production. Or judging a junior player on a few weeks or few games of's a fools game. Bo Horvat was being picked apart last year (based on a disappointing finish to his season and World Juniors) How is Mitch Holmberg's pro career going or Dane Fox or Hodgson or Filatov If you look at Virtanen's accomplishments it's actually very impressive....was Canada's best forward at the u18's, Drafted 6th overall, recovered from shoulder surgery, came back with an attention to better defensive play and puck distribution. Had an impressive performance as one of the youngest players at the World Juniors. Gold Medal.....physically dominant, huge bone crushing hits, blowing past defenseman and catching players with ease on the back check. I like the pick and would do it today if we had a re draft. Glad to have Benning.
  10. Sven Baertschi Talk

    if we wait its possible that Seabrook could replace Bieksa's contract spot. Yes the right side is really soft. Tanev, Clendening, Corrado and Subban dont exactly strike fear
  11. Cole Cassels | C

    Cole is going to be a Canuck soon. Absolutely love this guys game. I know i will take some flack with this statement but i see him as the next prospect up front to make an impact after Baertschi does. His size and strength is further ahead of McCann and Shinkaruk and Virtanen will need some time to figure it out positionally.
  12. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Raymond was a good pick. Production wise (.5 ppg) he could be top 6 regular season. Playoffs was a different story (.33). Had all the tools to be a front line player......just didn't compute the game at the same speed he moved. Never really got stronger either which was too bad as he became a player teams could contain to the perimeter and knock off the puck easily...if they could catch him. Jensen actually reminds me a lot of Raymond. Nice part is he's 6'3 and over 200lbs. Bad part is he's having a tough time processing the game at the AHL level. I have been quite honestly shocked that he's taking so long to take his game to the next level. Last season I was really impressed with his game and thought he'd be pushing hard this year for regular status. It's too early to write him off.....(Raymond at the same age was finishing his College career and posting 5pts in 24 games.)
  13. Jared McCann Talk

    add Bailey and Speers to the list. If they can get healthy come playoffs they're gonna be tough to beat.
  14. My top 10: 1. Jacob Markstrom....It's play or trade. Odds 100% 2. Frank Corrado....mentally and physically ready. Canucks are gonna make room to see if he can replace Bieksa long term. 85% 3. Niklas Jensen...has the physical tools. Adds much needed speed....definitely needs to round out his game to stick long term. 75% 4. Jake Virtanen ...physically ready...probably gets an apprenticeship and back to junior like Anthony Duclair this year. 50% 5. Brendan Gaunce....has the size strength and smarts.....foot speed is the only thing holding him back. 35% 6. Hunter Shinkaruk...tough pro transition this season. Gonna want him to step up huge offensively in the AHL before advancing. 25% 7. Cole Cassels...could really suprise at camp. First year pro most likely Utica. 20% 8. Andrey Pedan...would need to have a couple injuries to get in. Beastly physical tools. 20% 9. Jared McCann...would have to be lights out at camp. Log jamb in front and needs to muscle up. 10% 10. Jordan Subban....needs to gain pro experience. 5%
  15. Jared McCann Talk

    I was super bullish on McCann. Wanted him @10 when we were there. Was hoping the Kesler trade would give us the 10 pick so we could pick him and imagine that we got him at 24. Pretty hilarious...i was fist pumping in the car when i heard the call. Seeing the size of his old man on draft day added more and know hes taking his game to the next level. Noice.