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  1. hopes the Canucks don't suck this fall

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      We'll be fine a long as the gum chewing idiot isn't allowed back.

    3. Xbox


      Dont worry, they will be amazing in Fall. Its April you need to worry about.

    4. L'Orange


      Armada: I know, let's just leave it at that, mon frère.

      (>o.o)>: Let us hope they don't le suck as much this fall.

      Datsyuk's hands: Major changes are needed. At least one, maybe two core players should be traded

      RatedR: Well played

      AV's Replacement: Agreed

      Joffrey Lupul: That is the inherent issue isn't it?

  2. is a believer.

  3. doesn't have a good feeling about this.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      ..what the brutal blatant propaganda being spewed by the media into every facet of our lives about the dam bombing ? I am so sick of American media and its clear warping of reality.

    2. L'Orange


      That's not what I was referring to, but I do agree with you.

  4. hopes Mike Gillis gets what's coming.

    1. goalie13


      I hope what's coming is a Stanley Cup.

    2. JensenFan2011


      Atleast he got us roy. Plus gives jensen or kassian a roster spot not a big deal

  5. thinks the character the Canucks have gained in the last two weeks means more than both Presidents Trophies combined.

    1. stonecoldstevebernier


      agreed, they needed to overcome some adversity. Learning to play through injuries now will help them come playoff time.

    2. L'Orange


      Very true. By this time the Canucks would be at leat 15 points ahead of the Wild with all their players and zero intensity. Complaceny would set in due to not being challenged. This would translate into trying to manufacture intensity in the Playoffs. Not this year.

  6. wants to see this team play like they know they can.

    1. Two one one

      Two one one

      nods his head in agreement.

    2. Durl Dixsun

      Durl Dixsun

      They nothing without Bieksa.

    3. L'Orange


      This team is destined to be golfing by April as long as AV is behind the bench.

  7. Jason Garrison so far?

    The guy has been traded from another team and has only played 6 games. Give him time. He has an excuse. Edler on the other hand...........
  8. thinks all British Columbian players should follow suit with the Quebec contingent and form teams to play exhibition games in BC. Weber, Kane, Seabrook, Lucic. Would be good me thinks!

    1. Tigs


      Lol, at first I thought you meant Patrick Kane.

    2. L'Orange


      Well, we could start a beer league.

  9. can only rely on the hope that an NHL season may happen. Nothing more.

  10. has a new appreciation for the CDC.

    1. :D


      The Centers for Disease Control? They are truly unsung heroes.

    2. Grapefruits
    3. L'Orange


      Especially drunk people working at the Centre for Disease Control

  11. The Real Deal: Roberto Luongo

    oldnews, Your editorial is anything but old news. Well said, well written, and you sir are well read. Thank you
  12. Mike Gillis' Year-End Press Conference In Review

    They have a solid and deep blueline? He actually said that? The defense is porous and inconsistent.
  13. Tough Times In Boohouver

    Oldnews has hit it. Some of these whiny fans in Vancouver are an embarrassment. They define fairweather.