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  1. this was done so Benning and his bunch of geniuses dont feel stupid for all the great things they are doing to the team. who needs a reality check right?
  2. Didnt they get another player like that? Dorsett? he really played a hard-nosed game during the playoffs eh?
  3. You must be slow. If I WAS a BANDWAGONER, youre right I would have 29 other choices. and maybe you should read what ppl post so you would know why real fans feel this way.
  4. No faith in Ownership, no faith in management, no faith in coaching staff and no faith in team leadership of this team. Yet I will remain faithful to this team because I don't have achoice. The ownership have strange priorities. The management is steps behind what they should be doing. Look at teams like Hawks and Kings, intelligent management teams that stays ahead of the curve. The coaching staff couldnt even get the team up for the flames, didnt make any in-game adjustments to respond to the flames. The coach didnt even want to keep Horvat on the team. The team leaders didnt even step up enough during the playoffs to beat the crappy flames.
  5. Doug lidster and the entire D corp...absolutely garbage

  6. watch now biting will be cool amoungst nhl followers, now that stamkos did it.

  7. canucks broke the kings

    1. S N Y P E R S 7
    2. Wilbur


      And Edmonton then Calgary finished the job

  8. We have give Lack a pas this game..i mean how many hundreds of bad goals did Lu let in before we started blaming him? I will say the Defense needs to be much much better if we areto make noise in the playoffs.
  9. if you could have Shea Weber for that, you take it and run.
  10. just forgot to include him..he would be the back in lineup first before theother 2
  11. Playoff Lineup D Sedin - H Sedin - Kassian Higgins- Bonino - Vrbata Matthias -Richardson - Burrows Dorsett- Horvat - Hansen Baertschi, Kenins.
  12. soft..

    1. Rounoush


      Yep, that's the word I used. And why tonight of all nights? This team sometimes...

  13. yea and you also don't make threads about the goalie after 1 game.