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  1. Both are great but I hope this doesn't make me sound like a D-Bag but I'm getting burned out on the media blasting McDavid's name all over the place. I get the excitement and certainly not bashing him in anyway but at times either from magazines, NHL Network etc, I would swear that McDavid is the only player in the league. Was watching HNIC lastnight and had to hear constant commentary and then a post game interview with Hall where the questions went back about McDavid. Again, he's a huge talent....although he isn't nearly as high up, I'm still butt hurt about Barzal being drafted at 16th.
  2. I wish him well. Granted, I've never met him but he seems like a good kid.
  3. My apologies as I'm certain this topic was already covered but why did Boston part ways with Lucic? I had only heard that his contract was up at the end of next season but I didn't follow the story after that.
  4. For the record, I'm an ugly bastard. With that said, if Butthead from MTV's Beavis and Butthead (yeah, I guess I'm getting old) was a real person, he would look very similar to Couture.
  5. After a week in the hospital, my daughter is home and will make a 100% recovery. Life is good!

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    2. Kevin-B


      We spent a week at Harborview Medical Center (Seattle)She fell with a pencil,pencil went above eye and 3 inches into her brain. She could have died and at minimum have severe brain damage but instead I have a happy, healthy 2 year old that wants to watch the game tonight. A scary ride but all is well.

    3. ShakyWalton


      Sounds chilling but glad to hear things turned out well..:=)

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      someone was watching out for her.

  6. Again, not to bash the LV market but it just seems more like a gimmick for NHL team owners to make some cash and if it flops, they can make more cash in relocation fees as well. That is assuming the franchise begins to lose money and the league in turn has to cover the bill. Vegas might do very well in promoting and growing the game to casual fans but I would be concerned over it building a strong fanbase for the team itself. Who knows, maybe if this happens, I will be eating crow in the near future. I would just prefer to see hockey back in Quebec first followed by a franchise in Seattle before eyeing more desert hockey. I will also admit that my opinion is completely bias being an employee of the Seattle Fire Department and living 45 minutes south of there but I would love to wear my Canucks jersey to a potential NHL Seattle game(s). I've been a Canucks fan my entire life and will never jump ship regardless if a team is geographically closer but I certainly would attend many games. I suppose we'll see where this goes. Again, not at all familiar with the Vegas market in terms of hockey.
  7. I'm not sold on NHL Vegas but I'm not familiar enough with that market to give a legitimate opinion. I would prefer to see franchises in Quebec and Seattle (in that order) before rolling the dice on another sunbelt team. I have no stats to support this but it seems the only real southern team success story has been Dallas. I was not thrilled when hearing about the North Stars relocating, I was certain that it would fail but I have been very surprised by the Stars fanbase. Not sure if it was a combination of ownership, marketing, star power (Modano), other or a mixed bag of all. I suppose I should also give some props to Tampa.
  8. CoHo got traded for Kassian? This is news to me. Maybe I should compare the stats but I just don't tend to. CoHo is in Buffalo and I leave it at that.
  9. We'll be back on the Island soon. Very happy for Hicketts, another really nice kid. Spoke with him a few weeks ago at the Everett Silvertips Preseason Tournament. My son had many questions for him, Hicketts was very patient. I could be wrong but it seems Victoria has much more home games on weekdays then the last couple years.
  10. I hope this works out for us but I'm very skeptical. I can only assume that Benning/Linden have a good plan for the road ahead.
  11. Not discrediting this but we'll see. I fully expect today's events to be a vomit filled roller coaster ride.
  12. I'll wait until the dust settles a bit but I kind of hope this is our guy. However, won't lie. I know little about Desjardins until recently, he has a great resume and hopefully it will continue to impress at the NHL level, assuming it's with Vancouver.
  13. Don't have much to contribute but I'm impressed with the Giants organization. Considering this past season was a rebuild and they had the phrase (Champions under construction) and still made the playoffs. I expect Vancouver to do very well.
  14. I'm not proud of it but I dated her briefly. It was a rough time and I was doing some serious drinking. It's unfortunate that Lucic pulls these stunts. I remember watching him play against the Seattle Thunderbirds, the guy has talent but needs to knock off the sideshow crap.
  15. I feel one year isn't enough for Torts. I certainly like his honesty and holding players accountable. I do like the idea of Trotz taking the HC spot but I have no substance to support this, just my bias opinion. Plenty of rumors out there but I didn't get the GM gig. Apparently Mr.Linden was not all that impressed with my results on the coloring book portion of the testing process but he did smile when I shared my drinking stories. Sorry to report that I am no longer in the running for GM of the Canucks.