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  1. Mafia: Switch

    I was debating hosting my first game. It would be mostly vanilla, with a Jester
  2. Mafia: Switch

    I'm to paranoid of a person to get a role I don't know what it does! When I died I was switching Stamkos because I didn't believe he was a TB. The having one Vanilla TP also through me off. I assumed switchers were just another word for TP.
  3. Mafia: Switch

    Why zfetch why. Sorry 112!
  4. Mafia: Switch

    I don't mind a 112 lynch or DM But don't want another non vote out. We need more information. Unvote Vote 112 It seems really unlikely to me there's a tp with no role. And to of not said that until asked round 3
  5. Mafia: Switch

    ^ And this is just speculation. Blue jay has been switched twice and went from TP Doctor round 1 to Judge(tp role I'd think) round 2
  6. Mafia: Switch

    I don't think everyone who gets switched has the faction changed. Zfetch was very vague in explaining exactly what switch on a player means. And I asked questions Faction was never ruled out
  7. Mafia: Switch

    I believe J-23 got switched by DM round 1
  8. Mafia: Switch

    If anything is creating the 3p it's the switchers powers. I believe what you said though
  9. Mafia: Switch

    Ya you're wrong
  10. Mafia: Switch

    Are you planning on using your power?
  11. Mafia: Switch

    Unvote Vote DM
  12. Mafia: Switch

    Stamkos I say we get to use his TB power personally. BJ was the proven doctor, proven judge. I don't why he's be one of your top suspects. Much better choices at this point. Especially because BJ has been one of the most helpful players so far. And if Switch can change factions, then you're just as likely to be scum under your reasoning
  13. Mafia: Switch

    I'm suprised by your two suspects 1 Twin Blade claim 2 Doctor who rd 1 saved himself from mafia kill rd 2 was judge and stopped the lynch
  14. Mafia: Switch

    Honestly I find it hard to believe that there's a Vanilla TP in this game. Everyone else has had a role.
  15. Mafia: Switch

    What's your role?