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  1. I've had that mindset for a couple weeks now. I just don't understand how you have a higher chance of falling out of the top 2 than staying there.
  2. He gave us fits when Buffalo played us last year. If New England can stop anytime soon that would be great.
  3. Not sure we have anything that Chicago would want but it's certainly an interesting scenario. Would make a possible Tanev trade a lot easier too. Maybe a package including Gaudette+Gaunce and a roster player? Something like that?
  4. I'd prefer moving Edler unless we want to keep him for next year as our tank commander, but Tanev would get a much bigger and better return. I hate to say it but Tanev would be a perfect fit in Toronto. For Tanev it has to be a prospect and a 1st round pick or good young player ready to step in right now.
  5. LA has nothing that we would want in order for us to take Brown off their hands. Maybe their 1st round pick, but Brown at this stage is just a glorified Dorsett.
  6. If Washington turns it up another gear they'll take it 6 or 7. If Pittsburgh was 100% healthy I'd like them but Washington has better depth right now.
  7. If Kovalchuk signs a really cheap contract with Washington and they still don't win with him they'd be a joke.
  8. Could he still come back but with New Jersey releasing him from his original contract first? Or would that be a cap violation?
  9. How fun would Ovechkin - Backstrom - Kovalchuk be if they found the cap space?
  10. Sedin - Sedin - Kovalchuk
  11. I wouldn't sleep on Hedman here. He quietly had a very good season.
  12. Winning the western conference championship >>>>> winning a game in the first round.
  13. Well there goes that first round pick...