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  1. Pears

    NFL thread

    We need to get our deep attack and run game going so if we do that I think we’ll be ok.
  2. Does the mobile version of the website look like this for anyone else? It’s been kinda bugging out the last couple of days.
  3. Harman Dayal suggested offersheeting Erik Cernak to a $4.2M/year contract, which would cost a 2nd round pick, his reasoning was Cernak is probably below Sergachev and Cirelli in terms of Tampa’s priorities to re-sign, so it’s not completely unrealistic. He then said Ekblad is a guy he’d be willing to trade Boeser for and honestly, I would be pretty down for those two scenarios.


    Hughes - Ekblad

    Edler - Cernak

    Juolevi/Rathbone - Myers


    Get a little younger and nastier on the defense which we desperately need to do. 

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    2. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      Wouldn't we need to re-acquire our second rounder in order to tender this offer sheet? It has to be your own second rounder from the upcoming draft if I'm not mistaken.


      @Wilbur have you kept up with Ekblad much? He's basically just plateaud since entering the league. I don't think Boeser alone is that far off in terms of value. And that's coming from somebody who thinks Boeser is overvalued by Canucks fans.


      edit: I didn't watch the Panthers much this year, wasn't aware of the season Ekblad had.

    3. peaches5


      also if they matched the offersheet they couldn't trade him for a year so he would have to be exposed in the expansion draft. 

    4. Trebreh


      if JB manages to get Ekblad AND Cernak on the blueline you give that man an extension! lol

  4. That’s my dream defense right there. Although I think if we’d be getting both AP as well as Cernak that would mean goodbye to Tanev. Which would suck but in the long run those two guys would improve our defense tremendously.
  5. And just because Florida’s scouts thought he was better than those players mentioned doesn’t technically mean they were right.
  6. I’d certainly be interested in a guy like DeMelo if we aren’t able to bring Pietrangelo in. Just have to find one legitimate top 2-4 RD and I think we’d be ready to go.
  7. Just because a player was taken high and above other players who turned out much better, doesn’t mean he should have been picked there. I think of all teams we should know that.
  8. Crouse wasn’t anywhere close to being as good of a player that Podkolzin and Hoglander already are.
  9. Next years first rounder wouldn’t be the end of the world since it should be in the mid-late 20s range. Not gonna comment on Podkolzin or Hoglander since like I said, zero chance either get moved.
  10. Pears

    NFL thread

    Gio’s always been a pretty good and reliable receiver but yeah Mixon needs to get more involved.
  11. And when was the last time a high end prospect was used to offload a bad contract? There is a less than zero percent chance either get moved to do so.
  12. Pears

    NFL thread

    I think the biggest issue for Mixon is he’s just got no holes to run through because outside of two guys this line can’t block tp save their life. I can’t for the life of me understand how Bobby Hart has any kind of job in the NFL let alone at the salary he currently has.
  13. Honest to god, do what ever is necessary to unload guys Eriksson/Sutter/Baertschi etc., and go ALL IN on Pietrangelo. Because how often does the one piece you NEED become available in free agency.
  14. Pears

    NFL thread

    We have some nice pieces on defense it’s just Anarumo is not a good DC like, at all. Missing Atkins/Waynes/Daniels certainly didn’t help with things either.