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  1. This is where I really wish there was a Thanos out there somewhere who could wipe Trump and his supporters from existence.
  2. The emotions that are gonna hit during the Circle of Life tonight omg

  3. Well you see the thing is, Scheer stood with a white nationalist. That alone doesn’t give you much to argue.
  4. Not to mention having the best quality of life, third best for women, third place for education and so on.
  5. What are conservatives in a nutshell? Liars, cry when they’re shown legit facts that go against their narrative and spam memes trying to prove something, which usually ends up being nothing at all.
  6. Well said. This teams future is brighter than it probably ever has been before.
  7. How can I give more details? I gave an outline of what we could look like and we’ll have roughly $26M left to spend with the current salary cap.
  8. Off topic but I figured it would be a good time to remind you it’s been five years. Check my sig
  9. Oh wow how did I forget Miller . So make that just two forwards to sign then. But yea people need to realize you can’t complain about something if you don’t have any evidence to back it up.
  10. I really didn’t want to waste my time doing the math on this but here goes nothing. We don’t know what the salary cap will be in a couple years, so let’s keep it at $81.5M right now for discussion purposes. With that we’ll have $46.2M in cap space and assuming Eriksson is completely off the books by then, that would bump us up to $52.2M. Now let’s fill in the roster. Say Boeser gets $7M this summer, Pettersson gets $10.5M and Hughes gets $7M. That takes away $24.5M bringing us down to $27.7M. So looking at the roster right now say Podkolzin and Hoglander are the only guarantees for the 2021-22 season with Madden likely to make it as well. Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Ferland - Horvat - Podkolzin Hoglander - xxxx (Gaudette) - xxxx (Virtanen) Roussel - Madden - Beagle Hughes - Myers xxxx - xxxx xxxx - Woo xxxx (Demko) xxxx Two forwards, three defensemen and a goalie are still needed with around $26M left taking Podkolzin’s and Hoglander’s ELCs into consideration. We will be fine.
  11. We’ll be playoff teams for the next couple years, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. 2022 is when we’ll really start making that ascent to an elite team.