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  1. I just have a feeling deep down we'll be having Patriots-Giants round 3.
  2. Toronto Sports Network's Facebook page has made SIX posts about tomorrow's game tonight...
  3. Again. What part of this is clean?
  4. This idiot needs to shut up and leave.
  5. As I keep saying. If Adam Larsson can get Taylor Hall, Tanev, who is one of the best defensive defensemen in the game on a great contract, should have no problem getting Nylander.
  6. Honestly $18x4 for Fowler should be a no brainer. Give him a little more if need be.
  7. I hope the Aquilini's and management tell Quintal and whatever amount of his crooked buddies are at the game to either gtfo or if they try to suspend any of us threaten to take them to court for corruption/double standards/bias. I'm honestly surprised it hasn't happened yet. 

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    2. Xbox


      Vancouver is a Top 8 valuable franchise. Really makes me wonder why we're favoured so poorly overall. 

    3. canuktravella


        if im van i insert biega, labate call up pedan  sit stecher and larsen and send megna back to utica fir the leafs game  hammer every leaf  any chance  you get  


      sedin sutter eriksson

       baertchi horvat burrows

      grenier sedin granlund

      gaunce labate chaput


      sbisa gudbranson

      pedan tryamkin 

      hutton biega 


       see this team crush leafs would be pure entertainment 

    4. Squamfan


      can are to pussy to do anything

  8. Their sweethearts need to be protected I guess.
  9. Yet they push the Lucic threat to Weise aside like it never happened....
  10. Claim. Claim. Claim. Claim.
  11. Yea I thought this kid was supposed to be really good. I'd take a chance on him.
  12. I'm not trading Hansen for Kane unless he's in a package for Kane+Reinhart.
  13. This. I'll believe it when Rosenthal says he's signed.