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  1. I had a dream Boeser and Gaudette signed with us and led us to the playoffs. 

    1. Alflives


      Are you a Utica Comet's fan? B)

  2. That's an easy win for Carolina.
  3. These. This proposal couldn't have made less sense. Not only would we be giving away our top pair defenseman we'd also be losing Markstrom for nothing. Horrible.
  4. A smart GM would actually keep a good young player like Baertschi and trade Hansen for a good return, especially a GM running a team like ours that needs as many good young players as it can get.
  5. We're gonna lose either him or Baertschi if we don't trade Hansen.
  6. I think Ryan still has more value than Eriksson but it's nice to see an original proposal. Maybe adding a prospect and/or pick gets it done?
  7. Then just order a ham pizza? I've never understood why so many people hate pineapple on pizza. I feel like it's just one of those things people hate for no reason.
  8. That's no where near enough for Hansen.
  9. Lowry-DeRozan-George-Ibaka would be filthy. If they still want to look at swapping Valanciunas for a guy with a little more nastiness they could beat the Cavs imo.
  10. Isaiah, what you be saying??
  11. Trouba for Nylander actually makes a ton of sense. Laine - Scheifele - Nylander?? Oh man...
  12. Oh look, another Tanev for Nylander proposal.