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  1. A prospect and a 3rd with Eriksson maybe? Brown would certainly be interesting.
  2. I think for now we should only be looking at rentals or players who only have a year left on their contract after this year. Would love to get Kreider though.
  3. Pears

    NFL thread

    Not just any part of the field, they were filming the Bengals sideline with a direct view of the coaches. And the fact that they were filming for eight minutes tells me they knew what they were doing.
  4. Pears

    NFL thread

    That’s a pretty big if right there. I think what us Bengals fans need to do between now, free agency and the draft, is find some way to demand that Mike Brown actually put the effort in to field a good product. With your point about our cap space there’s absolutely no excuse to not use it to fill the holes that we have. We’ve already wasted the career’s of Palmer, Ochocinco, Green etc., I do not want to see us waste this next group of elite talent that we have coming up.
  5. Pears

    NFL thread

    Just watch the NFC East winner go on to win the Super Bowl
  6. Gotta give Goldman credit for keeping a straight face on.
  7. Pears

    NFL thread

    Same excuses during SpyGate?
  8. These Republicans are making me wanting to reach through my tv and punch them
  9. How many of those years were we near the top of the league in special teams and goal differential into December? This is the best team under Benning’s tenure, it really shouldn’t be difficult to see that.
  10. Pears

    NFL thread

    I can’t imagine why they’d feel the need to spy on a 1-12 team
  11. Pears

    NFL thread

    Then you realize we’ve been in seven one score games which could have ended differently if not for injuries and poor QB play.
  12. Pears

    NFL thread

    All good haha we gotta secure these L’s for Burrow
  13. An average age of 26.5 is decently young for today’s NHL.
  14. Pears

    NFL thread

    Will Joe Burrow be the guy who unlocks John Ross?