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  1. Anybody have a clip of the fans singing Don't Stop Believing?

  2. Arguably the single best player (and person) to ever wear this jersey. Congrats Henrik, very well deserved.
  3. That's what everyone said about Horvat. Look at him now.
  4. Soooo about that update...
  5. This. Unless he wants to come home in 2-3 years, absolutely no reason for Nashville to trade him.
  6. Yea Hansen would put them over the top IMO. If we're trading Burrows I only want a pick in return, don't see the point of taking Desharnais back. Rest of it looks good.
  7. wrong thread
  8. Surprised Luke Hochevar is still available. Him and Travis Wood are my two ideal fits for relief pitchers. Boone Logan as a fallback option wouldn't be bad either.
  9. Get him some playing time up here until the AHL's All-Star weekend? So stoked he finally got called up.
  10. I guess you've never seen Mike Mitchell, Ryan Shazier, David DeCastro etc. play. If Burfict was a Steeler he'd undoudtedly be talked as one of the best linebackers in the game. But since he's a Bengal, he has that reputation.
  11. These. I knew this was gonna happen too.
  12. Yea, the NHL isn't the AHL or CHL. Can you really tell me with a straight face, with the absurd coaching decisions Willie makes, that he is 100% the man to take us to the next level? Also insulting me isn't gonna help your case/argument at all.
  13. Yep. Dirtiest team in the NFL by a country mile. Not to mention the amount of crap they get away with year after year.
  14. I actually was really wanting the playoffs this year, but with Desjardins running the bench I doubt we'll go far.