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  1. Me has always been biased against Kesler for some reason. Best to not waste your time.
  2. Didn’t know 40 goal Selke winners were average players.
  3. The NHL nailing us with a penalty for a contract that was perfectly legal at the time it was made is absolutely not Luongo’s fault. I’m not making excuses because they let LA get out of Richards’ penalty and New Jersey out of Kovalchuk’s.
  4. Kesler was my favourite Canuck during our peak years and for good reason. I hated how he left but I’m ready to welcome him back in some way.
  5. Sure the right side could use a bit of an upgrade, but it’s not like it’s completely barren with Woo and Rafferty coming up. We’d have to clear a little cap for this obviously but I wonder if we’ll push hard for Pietrangelo if he gets to free agency.
  6. Did Keith swing his stick or elbow at Toews?
  7. I’d do that actually. Granlund isn’t at the top of my potential trade targets but I’d definitely see what Nashville would want for him.
  8. And your package is nowhere close to Chicago selling high on Kane.
  9. Boeser: On pace for 71 points


    Canucks fans: hE iSn’T dOiNg MuCh

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. 112


      33rd in league scoring is a beautiful new insult. :lol:

    3. Winter Soldier

      Winter Soldier

      His shot is still missing something, tho.

    4. coastal.view


      brock is fine

      i don't really think that is what the issue is


      it is brock compared to his team mates

      brock has stepped up a little this season in production

      and has rounded out his game a bit


      other teammates have made bigger production steps

      jake, pearson, miller, bo?, leivo

      so comparatively brock seems to have slowed a little


      his signature wrist shot is also less frequent

      that shot really made him stand out

      he stands out less


  10. Pears

    NFL thread

    Refs making up for screwing the Chiefs in last years AFC Championship game
  11. Baertschi and Sutter I’d be ok with moving since we’ll need the cap and they won’t have a spot on next years team anyway.
  12. Imagine the message that would send to the fans? Yeah we’re right in the thick of it for not only a playoff spot but top spot in the division as well but let’s sell.
  13. How much longer until we could get to magic number szn?
  14. I think Kreider would be my top forward target if we want to try and distance ourselves from the rest of the group. NYR are good for goalies though so they wouldn’t want or need Demko.