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  1. Oh I can guarantee you if it was either of those three the uproar would be minimal if not non-existent. It’s only a story because it’s Virtanen.
  2. But again, he isn’t breaking any laws so I don’t see why people need to be so upset about it.
  3. Hughes goes to eat at restaurants that can be pretty packed at times but you don’t hear any uproar over it.
  5. If someone like Dr. Bonnie Henry says clubs are allowed to be open, then they’re allowed to be open. He isn’t breaking any laws here.
  6. But still proves the point of Canucks players being monitored by their fans so much more than any other team in this league.
  7. People needlessly freaked out last year thinking Boeser was hiding an injury because he had his towel over his shoulder/chest so please, don’t act like this fan base doesn’t overreact to the littlest things.
  8. Find other teams fans who are this hard on their players for trying to have fun as Canucks fans are. I’ll wait.
  9. This wouldn’t even have been heard about if Virtanen was on literally any other team. Only an “issue” because it’s Vancouver and Virtanen.
  10. Because they are allowed to. If they weren’t they wouldn’t have been allowed to reopen. Simple. I don’t see the uproar about Hughes going out to eat because he doesn’t cook. Vancouver is literally the only city who treats its hockey players like this.
  11. Quite embarrassing that players can’t have a little fun without ridiculed by their own fan base . He went to a nightclub like every other 23 year old does. Stop making this such a big issue when really, it’s not an issue at all.