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  1. You know the NFL is back when Tony Romo gets hurt.
  2. Other than the Angels and Mariners next month we only play AL East teams. That's our season right there.
  3. So yes. Tanev is a top 10 defensive defenseman.
  4. Anyone else cringe when Loup comes in?
  5. That boy is cookingggggg!!
  6. Melvin turning Upton! Cheesy I know...
  7. This is more like it!!
  8. Soooo happy to hear Navarro's back!
  9. Baertschi - Horvat/Sutter - Nichushkin could be money. I'd even try him with the Sedins to spread the scoring/experince out. An offer sheet would be deadly for our future, so a trade is by far the best route to take. And when you think about it, Nichushkin is exactly the kind of player Benning is looking for, outside of the "proven player" part.
  10. Would the Jets like Edler? I've always thought he and Byfuglien would be a tremendous pair together.