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  1. In NHL 17 GM mode with trading difficulty on easy/off that might work.
  2. Dominating Pittsburgh. Love it.
  3. Realistically, right now I don't see us having 4 60+ point scorers. It would be great, but unless we get him a more proven RW it's unlikely.
  4. That was such a great move by Philly moving up to get Wentz. And getting a first for Bradford? Brilliant.
  5. I thought about starting Jones incase Marshall wasn't ready... I started Marshall
  6. I'm still in shock
  7. I'm at a loss of words. So tragic.
  8. Our goalies would be in heaven if we got Trouba. Him and Landeskog are really the only players I'd be willing to move Tanev for.
  9. Great to finally see a dominant StroShow get a win. Can we clinch during the Baltimore series if everything goes right?
  10. Utica's gonna be pretty loaded this year too. Excited to see how they do.

    1. Odd.


      Especially with Virtanen, Stecher, Carcone, Demko all possibly heading there. 


      Carcone is fun to watch. Very fast and explosive.

    2. Odd.


      Carcone also dished out a couple of hits throughout too which showed his rugged side