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  1. Haha that would be the only exception. I think there's probably 5-10 players we could get at 33 who could be good.
  2. Lind would be a solid pick as well. This is one year where I'd be pretty upset if we traded our 2nd.
  3. How would you guys feel about taking Popugaev at 33? He's projected to go 28th so he could be there
  4. Osuna just isn't there quite yet. Doesn't help that he hasn't had many leads to work with.
  5."search-video-trades+we+want+to+see" And it's not exactly unrealistic when 1) New England thinks they can get two firsts for Garoppolo 2) People have said McCarron is better than any quarterback in this draft
  6. Dream scenario for us is we take Barnett or Foster at 9 then trade McCarron to Cleveland for #12 then with that pick take Williams or Howard. With what's been going on with Foster lately I'm starting to lean towards Barnett, although this won't matter if Allen somehow falls to us.
  7. That looks pretty good too, but I don't think the Sedins will be split up, at least not yet. Here's mine: Sedin - Sedin - Granlund/____ Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser ____/Granlund - Sutter - Eriksson Boucher/Goldobin - Gaunce - Virtanen I wouldn't mind starting Granlund with the twins but I think we're gonna go after another young top six whether it's a free agent or we get him via trade.
  8. Donaldson will be out a few more weeks but the rest should probably be back for the weekend series if not next week.
  9. Not my pic but to those "Coghlan didn't touch 3rd" people
  10. Green is nailing this press conference so far.
  11. Grilli with that old man power!