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  1. Would Dallas want anything for Spezza or could we get him as a cap dump?

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    2. coastal.view



      i'm pretty sure they would be content to simply move his contract if a team would fully take it on


      but things rarely are that clean

      likely something else would be involved

      might also receive, or have to throw in, a lower round pick

      no higher then 4th round though


      (WHAT????? you mean you accept we won't be getting a 1st round pick for taking him and his contract ???  :P)

    3. Pears


      Maybe something like McEneny and a 4th for Spezza and a 3rd?

    4. coastal.view


      i'd do that, but if we are giving a 4th and mcenemy i think i'd want a 2nd round instead of the 3rd


      canucks really could use for 1 year only

      a quality and experienced 2nd line centre

      so spezza is an excellent fit for vancouver

      we'd lose someone else from our roster as a result as well

      which would pay a portion of spezza contract (bye bye gagner?)

  2. I’ll say NHL: Leipsic, Pettersson, Goldobin, Hughes AHL: Dahlen, Gaudette, Juolevi, Biega, Gaunce Traded: Hutton, Gagner Pending any trades: Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Goldobin - Sutter - Pettersson Leipsic - Beagle - Virtanen Roussel - Schaller - Granlund/Eriksson Edler - Stecher Hughes - Tanev Pouliot - Gudbranson Markstrom Nilsson
  3. [Proposal] Luongo

    Why would Florida do that?
  4. I keep going back and forth between what I want to see happen next year. I think Pettersson is a huge x-factor and if he and Hughes are ready they’ll make an impact imo. 

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    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      I want the all or nothing scenario: either have the rookies help carry this team to the playoffs or be bad enough to win the draft lottery and get Jack Hughes.


      Obviously wishful thinking but one can dream, right?

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      I think Pettersson wins the Calder.  He's the 1OA in a re-draft already in my view.

    4. Ghostsof1915


      "Don't wait for it to happen. Don't want it to happen. Just watch, what does happen."

  5. NFL thread

  6. I really wonder sometimes how far we would’ve gone in 2010 if Mitchell wasn’t hurt. 

    1. Squamfan


      Better question if we had him 2011 instead of Keith " Plug" Ballard

  7. I really think the Cougars are going to have a bounce back year. Gauthier was a stud in first year and was probably the reason we weren’t right with Edmonton for last overall. We have Swift Current’s 1st round pick next year and with all of their current players leaving I’m really interested to see what kind of a year they have. Also hoping the our new GM makes some kind of a splash before the season starts.
  8. I liked what I saw from Colina and Bowie after they were traded here. What kind of potential do you think they have?
  9. What exactly was Chicago thinking? They only gained like $2 million in cap space.
  10. So with Hossa gone, who have contracts we could eat? Ryan? Callahan? If Benning and Linden still have plans to “weaponize” our cap space.
  11. (Value Of) Tyler Johnson

    We for sure have the cap to take on Callahan and I think doing so would lead us to not giving up as much as we would have otherwise.
  12. With Tampa in a bit of a cap crunch right now with them having re-signed Kucherov and being reported to be in on Karlsson, they’ll have to clear out a good chunk of cap space. This brings my attention to 27 year old centre Tyler Johnson. He’s a little on the small side at 5’8”, but he can produce. But, as mentioned, Tampa needs to dump cap so they might not get as much value back for Johnson as they would otherwise. What would be a fair offer for him?