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  1. Another reason I’m starting to lean towards BT is if we pass on another Tkachuk and he pans out for someone else, people are gonna want Benning’s head. And quite frankly I don’t want a repeat of 2016. 

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    2. canucklehead44


      Any one of Dahlin, Svechnikov, Zadina, Tkachuk, Bouchard, Dobson, Hughes, Boqvist, Wahlstrom would be awesome. I've heard that Brady doesn't have the speed & vision of his brother and I would take any of the above dmen over Juolevi so I wouldn't be too upset if we passed on him. 

    3. Silky mitts

      Silky mitts

      People really underestimate Brady here. We would be lucky if he falls to six. But if boqvist is there we have to snag him.

    4. Rounoush


      EDIT: nvm