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  1. So who does Washington have that we can get for Bautista?
  2. Debatable at the time. Brule was still a huge question mark and Schneider had starting potential. I'm happy we waited and got Bo.
  3. Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Kane - Horvat/Sutter - Rödin One could argue that top six could be deeper/more talented than the one we had in 2011.
  4. If it wasn't for the amount of games Storen and Floyd blew we could honestly be right up there with the Cubs.
  5. Of the 3 I'd have a tough time deciding to keep Edwin or Saunders tbh.
  6. Lol Tavares essentially just told Leafs to stop dreaming about him coming home before they start. Love it. 

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    2. GettinGuddyWithIt
    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      What if Stamkos agreed to a trade first?

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      Tavares: I would not count on that. I think I've shown my commitment, my appreciation and my desire to play on Long Island. I would love for that to continue for the long haul. I think that you look at some of the greatest players in the game have been able to spend their entire careers somewhere. I hope I'm in that same position.

      Being from Toronto, people are going to make those connections and it is what it is. That's nothing I can control. I just want to go out and be the best player and person i can be for the Islanders day in and day out and I'm just going to focus on tomorrow and the upcoming season.

  7. Sedins, Burrows, Linden etc., how could they not have a big influence on Kane? And if I'm not mistaken Linden was Kane's favourite player growing up.
  8. Either this or he and/or Saunders are gonna be moved for an ace.
  9. I think they're a little weak on the left side. Sbisa+2nd?
  10. That's a nice deal considering we're also getting cash and the Padres are retaining $11 million of his contract.
  11. I hated that trade. Even more so now with how bad Storen was.
  12. If it was Saunders he wouldn't have been playing tonight. It's an alright move but idk. Upton as the lead off guy then Bats and Edwin alternate between 1st base and DH?