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  1. Just curious, do you have any purpose on this board other than to shoot down literally every single trade proposal involving the Canucks?
  2. So you’re saying they’d be fine with the other alternative, which would be losing Kucherov to an offer sheet?
  3. Only really Namestnikov but in a couple years they’ll have to re-sign Kucherov and if they don’t move Callahan they’ll still have him on the books at that time.
  4. Bolland got Arizona Crouse, Datsyuk got them another 1st etc,. I’m sure there’s been more but those are the only two I can think of off the top of my head.
  5. This is true. You don’t see me blaming the refs when we lose. We have a terrible offensive line, although today it was alright.
  6. I would easily do that. Foote is gonna be a stud.
  7. Is, is this actually happening??
  8. We finally scored a touchdown!!
  9. Tom. Brady.
  10. Oh my god what did Jacksonville do to Baltimore??
  11. If you thought the reaction to Virtanen now was bad imagine if he had yet to play in the NHL?
  12. Colorado won’t take two aging free agents we just signed and a bad contract for him.
  13. Duchene isn’t MacKinnon....
  14. Edler - Tanev Del Zotto - Stecher Hutton - Gudbranson Wiercioch, Biega
  15. Why did we pass on this kid again?


    1. Jaku


      One dimensional player who is a liability in the defensive end, no back check effort and unless he's getting the puck he puts very little effect in. He's a coaches nightmare. 


    2. goalie13


      Isn't it a little early to pass judgement on a fourth round pick from 2017?